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Sellers that go dead


This is my first Fiverr experience.

I have 3 very simple interior modeling drawings to have done, which seem (to me, at least) not too complex. I do not have a constraint of time. I did not specify a budget.

So I decided to go first with 1 drawing and, if I liked the result, to offer 2 more gigs to the seller. I mentioned this up front.

I looked at various sellers in the given category. I selected one, a lvl 1 seller

I messaged seller with the specs, uploaded 3 pics to make sure I was very precise with what I was looking for. March 19th. Seller replies on March 19th, telling me he’ll evaluate it. Doesn’t get back to me. 3 days later, I ping him back, asking if he had had the opportunity to review the project (he was online, at that point). Never got a reply, seller’s dead.

Messaged a second seller with the same specs, same 3 pics. Level 2 seller. March 29th. Seller replies, stating would like to work on the project. Asks me if I have time constraints. I reply no. Seller asks if I need the source file. I say I don’t, I just need a vector PDF of the drawing. 10 days later (today), I see the seller is online. I message the seller, saying it’s been 10 days since she last wrote me a message. Seller remains online for a couple hours, then logs off.

Both replied very quickly upon first contact, thus keeping their reply speed high.

Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t want to send the same info to 50 sellers and have most waste their time by telling them that someone already accepted the gig, I believe it would be inconsiderate. But at this point, I’m starting to wonder if that’s not the way to go since sellers seem to not give a sh*t about saying “no thank you” or “I’m too busy to take other gigs ATM”.

Is this usual on Fiverr?


Hi there,

I don´t think this is usual, else the site wouldn´t flourish as it does. It´s also in a seller´s interest to not just reply quickly once for their response rate, since if they´d never follow up with an inquiry, they´d never get an order, and thus no money, they can´t pay their rent with a good response rate. :slight_smile:

Not sure if you did anything wrong though, nothing that I can see in what you write, you may just have had bad luck.

Perhaps try telling sellers you need to know their offer by (the next day/ in 2 days / whatever, depending on how complicated it might be, and that you´ll be available for any questions regarding the order they have and may need answered in order to make their offer?


Good sellers are usually busy. They should send a message saying they are not interested in the project of course, but the fact that they did not bother to do that tells you that you would get very bad customer support from them if you did hire them.

So you have all the information you need to know, and you know not to hire them.


@miiila, Good idea to give a deadline for the offer. I didn’t think of that. I’ll try yet again.

@misscrystal, It goes without saying that I would never hire them. What my post was about was to ask if I was doing something wrong or if the behaviour was common on Fiverr. Thank you for replying.


They did something wrong by not replying. It might be too long winded for them to even read though, which is just a guess on my part.


@misscrystal I do not know if 3 pictures and 181 words qualifies as “long-winded”. I’m not arguing, here, I’m trying to understand as I am new to Fiverr and to the freelance world in general. Seller 1 indicated being fluent in English, then dropped me right after his first “I’ll evaluate” reply. Seller 2, which indicated basic English, actually asked me about specifics of the project…


It might be that they are not actually able to do the project. But whatever the case is they are showing they are not professional.


I’ll post a buyer’s request and see if this goes anywhere.


Definitely check out the sellers response rate next time you order so you know when you should be expecting a reply from them.