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SELLERS TIP: The Fortune is in the Follow Up!


BEFORE YOU READ: Please know that this is a section that I have adapted from Simply Party Plan to be more fit for the users here on Fiverr. These are by no means my words BUT I think they can be incredibly helpful to the new up and coming seller. :slight_smile:


The Fortune is in the Follow Up!

With your customers you should really stay in contact with them and provide the proper customer service, the kind you would expect as a customer. Just like the old saying “treat people the way you want to be treated”, it can not be any more true when it comes to your business.

The first point of contact with your customer should be within 24 hours after they purchase your gig. This is a great way for you to connect with the customer and thank them for their order, but also to let them know when they should be expecting their order to arrive. Also, if you are providing a sort of promotion or offer that they did not take full advantage of, at this time you can remind them of this sale and even drop hints to see if a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker would like to take advantage of this sale and add onto their order? Dropping hints during this follow up is a great way to boost the sales. We know that at the point of the initial order they do not always get everything they want to, so this is a great way to follow up and possibly allow them to add onto the order.

The second point of contact with your customer should be 7-10 days after their gig was delivered. This is a great time for you to quality check with them, is what they received exactly what they expected, are they happy with their order etc. If they were satisfied, this is also a great time to ask for a review if they have not yet done so. It is another great way for you to stay in front of the customer and make your interaction with them memorable.

The third point of contact with your customer is when you are expecting an event that involves your gig (Maybe it’s Mother’s Day and your gig is a gift they could give her, maybe you’re doing some sort of promotion and want to let them know about it, maybe you’ve started giving a portion of your earning to a charity and you want to let them know). This is a great time to send a courtesy message to let them know you were thinking about them and how they might be interested in whatever the event might be. It’s a great segway for you to ask how they are enjoying their first order and if they might be willing to show it off to their friends, family and co-workers.

Customer follow up is the KEY to your business whether on Fiverr or not, this is where you will reap the benefits of your hard work as good customer service will lead to more sales, reviews, and eventually Top Rated Seller!


Do you have any great follow up tips? I would love to hear them :slight_smile:


Oops, thanks for fixing this Sheriff! :slight_smile:


While I agree that it’s good to send a message as soon after a buyer’s purchase as possible, I don’t know if I’d follow up again after I’ve already delivered and the order is closed, especially to do a quality check and to ask for a review.

I guess, if you provide free revisions, then checking up wouldn’t be so bad, but I usually find that the customers who are going to leave positive reviews do so without prompting, and those that don’t leave a review because they’re unsatisfied or merely apathetic about something don’t like being pestered to leave a review. The only instance in which I’d ask a buyer to leave a review is if I had a long-standing positive relationship with that buyer and I knew 100% that they would leave me a positive review if I asked.

But those are just my thoughts–obviously, what works for me won’t work for others and what works for others won’t work for me.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I think it definitely depends on the types of gigs you have. I know for me, I have gigs that required me to ship something to my customers. I make sure to follow up with them about 10 days after delivery of their work on Fiverr to make sure it’s delivered to their home as well. :slight_smile:

As far as reviews, I normally couple asking for them in with asking if they have any concerns with their order. So naturally if someone has a concern they will let me know the concern and I will be able to make it right for a 5 star review. Even if they don’t give a 5 star review, though, I would much rather them give some good feedback that will help me to improve! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Emason!