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Sellers using copyrighted characters

Is it okay for Fiverr Sellers to be using copyrighted characters, especially if they don’t state they have permission to use content that doesn’t belong to them?

There’s an Indonesian user using a rigged 3D model of DreamWorks Minion characters to make easy bucks. I don’t even know if this guy is a legit animator. He only has the same two animations posted over and over.

I find this not only unfair and dishonest to the buyers who are looking for something original and fun, but unfair to other sellers who have spent years learning how to design original works. :frowning:

I know for a fact this behavior makes everyone as a whole look bad. Even people who make fan-art know to state they don’t own the copyrights (Heck, at least they make the art using their own hands.).

All Dreamworks has to do is send Fiverr a DMCA infringement notice and they will comply or face the wrath of their legal team, I wouldn’t like to take them on… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would just give it time…those big companies like Dreamworks have big legal teams that keep an eye out for that company. You could just send a note to dreamworks to help quicken the process.

Then again for some things, big companies see this kind of thing as free advertising.

I have noticed and wondered about these as well.

I think it’s a very risky thing to sell things that are copyrighted and owned by other companies. Some will simply contact you and tell you to remove it, or the website owners which hosts your service, but some might ask for compensation because you’ve been earning money on their creation.

And yes, some see it as free advertising, but I’ve rarely heard companies think that way, especially when the person is earning money on it.

I have read cases of smaller companies, and even freelancers that want compensation for the copyright violation. And this sum can vary from smaller to bigger amounts.

But yeah, many companies wont remove the thing being sold that violates a copyright unless the owner from which the creation was stolen contacts them about it, even if it might be quite obvious to many that its copyright violation.

Reply to @dashingcovers: yes, many companies and freelancers want compensation for the copyright violation. But that also has to do with how much money those companies and freelancers have to hire lawyers to get it for them. Everyone wants the compensation, but the amount of money you have to sometimes put into legal fees to make that happen, may or may not be worth it.