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Sellers using Nulled/Stolen items from Themeforest

Okay First of the bat I feel bad that the only time I come to the forums is when something makes me angry. I must try to come here more often and try to give back to the community. I will try I promise.

Anyway on the issue. My most successful gig on Fiverr is WordPress based and I receive many many orders each week and messages about potential orders. However I’m noticiing a pattern with the orders and requests coming in.

The scenario goes a little bit like this. “I had my site designed/updated/re-designed by ******** on Fiverr and they charged me (anything from $5 - $100) to do my site for me. Everything was good until WordPress prompted me to update my theme which I have been unable to do. Could you take a look for me.”

Low and behold on almost every single occasion it’s a Themeforest WordPress theme that the seller has gotten either by downloading it from one of those crappy nulled sites or they are using a theme that they own multiple times on multiple different domains. This is against the tos of Themeforest with out the extended license.

I don’t really know of a way that this could be prevented but I hope raising concerns about this again here might at least catch the eye of a buyer or two who will now know about this and be a bit more vigilant on what they accept.

If you are one of the culprits please stop, you are making the rest of us look bad. There are tons of choices for this you don’t have to rip off someones hard work.


Yeah, this extends to many of the products that originate from the Envato network. From logos, animated intros/outros, web templates, et al. I know that some artists police fiverr to be on the lookout for people pimping their stuff, but it’s an uphill battle. People work hard to create these templates, then some joker comes by and creates final products at less than the cost of the template. I see it all the time here on Fiverr.


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In some of my designs I use stock vectors, but I always purchase them from Depositphotos or I source them from websites that offer free vectors. But if I do logos, I never use templated work as I believe that logo should be original.

About the intros and outros, if they cost more than $50 definitely the seller should offer something original same goes with the website templates. I got a couple of clients that got lawsuits for copyright infringement because some sellers used photos without a license and they specifically asked me to tell me what photos to purchase or if they can pay me to purchase the photo. I mean nowadays there are millions of sites that offer free templates without attribution.