Sellers, voice your opinion. This one is for you! Fiverr needs a Changed Mind button for Buyers


We all know, as sellers, that Fiverr needs to improve their mutual cancellation policy.

One of the biggest flaws is that sellers suffer with cancellations when a buyer changes their mind and the seller still gets penalized even when it is not their fault. The buyer placed the order and changed their mind.

Also, how many buyers have purchased your gig and then PAYPAL cuts them off because of insufficient funds? Why should WE be penalized?


How many sellers think that Fiverr should add a “Changed Mind” button which buyers can click so sellers do not have to get penalized from mutual cancellations?

Please sign this by responding or state your opinion.



Reply to @thisko: Thisko, it is getting worse by the week. Buyers just don’t think before purchasing. I think in the last weeks, 5 buyers have cancelled because they changed their mind. That’s 5 more cancellations for me as a seller.



Hi Bruce ! That’s a nice idea :slight_smile: How many “Changed Mind” situations did you encountered up until now ?





@hotwebideas - Great idea!!! Fiverr CS should forward this idea to the product team.

I just got another one of these yesterday because the Buyer either didn’t read the Gig Description and watch the video or he was just an plain idiot. After corresponding with him I think a little from column “A” and a little from column “B”.


Reply to @anigrams: sadly this idea has been forwarded to Fiverr editors several times in the last months!! I did it not less than 3 times and so many many other sellers! More, this idea has been widely discussed in many threads, searching for solutions and providing ideas to Fiverr team (those threads were not only rants, but contained tips to improve Fiverr!!).

As you can see, nothing changed.

That doesn’t mean Fiverr team won’t change it, but we will know only when it will happen, IF it will happen :smiley:

That said, count me in Bruce!


Another tip widely approved from sellers is a “Refuse order”: if buyer orders without reading instructions, without contating you, asking for something you can’t really provide, or something violating Fiverr TOS or (worse) national laws, seller suffer for the cancellation he must ask; introducing a “Refuse order” button sellers could have the opportunity to dismiss the order without any penalization and without adding a cancellation to the tally.

So, adding this button, the order is not complete until the seller doesn’t accept it!

Some buyer could not be happy (think about fast delivery gigs), but I hope that eery buyer contacts seller before placing an order to verify queue and discuss options…

Finally, after the launch of iPhone app, we are experimenting a lot of “ordered by mistake, please cancel” because it seems pretty easy to touch ORDER button; so we’re are asking a second step, a confirmation the user should go through, just to be sure the order was not accidental…


Reply to @anigrams: Yes, ad it happens more all the time.


Reply to @mark74: Alright you are counted :wink:


Reply to @mark74: Yes, there has to be a way for sellers to refuse an order when the buyer does not read the gig description.

Today, a buyer actually rejected my delivery and cursed at me and then called me a part of the female anatomy. I felt that if I had delivered the order, he was going to give negative feedback for his negative attitude. A cancellation was better, but he clearly did not read my gig description and tried to take advantage of me.

mark74 said: Finally, after the launch of iPhone app, we are experimenting a lot of "ordered by mistake, please cancel" because it seems pretty easy to touch ORDER button;

Also, a lot of buyers cancel because they do not have the funds, so the heck did they order in the first place?


Reply to @hotwebideas: report buyer immediately: offensive language must not be tolerated!! Customer Support won’t tell you actions taken (for privacy reasons) but be sure buyer will be warned or banned…


Reply to @mark74: Thanks. Will Customer Support really deal with him or will they give me one of their generic robotic answers telling me to work it out with the buyer? LOL


Reply to @hotwebideas: Well, usually offensive language is not tolerated so I think that at least a warning will be written on buyer account.

But this is my thought, just my thought :smiley:

You know Bruce, if we want to have a clean forum and a clean site, we must help sheriffs and CS to keep it clean… it’s a matter of everyone.

Do you agree?


Reply to @videoconcepts: you can find dozens threads about this, 'cause cancellations are one of the biggest problems we’re experimenting from long time, more in the last periods for the presence of many scammers too!!

The launch of iPhone app didn’t help :frowning:

So, believe me, such problems have been already discussed and forwarded to editors and such petitions have been already started and signed, but nothing happened (till now).

Anyway Bruce idea is good, 'cause we can let Fiverr team to know that we still are waiting for new rules and features to solve this real problem!


Reply to @hotwebideas: Customer Support takes this seriously, believe me!!

But you won’t know what will happen to buyer for privacy reasons…


Reply to @mark74: Yes, I agree, but unfortunately, this guy was offensive in a private message LOL.


Reply to @mark74: My assumption for a lack of solution on Fiverr’s part is that the sellers pay nothing to belong to this website, so technically, we are not customers and Fiverr is not losing any money if a seller leaves, but then again, Fiverr is losing money from no sales when a seller leaves Fiverr and I know a few who already have because of this unprofessional policy.


Reply to @videoconcepts: Thanks, VideoConcepts.


For Buyers = 'Changed Mind’

For Sellers = 'Order Refused’

Not suggesting these should be ‘buttons’ or part of the actual buying process, but as additional reasons as to why either party could not do the order after full communication and other avenues have been pursued.