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Sellers, what do you do with Fiverr sales?


Do you

  1. Deposit it all into your Paypal account?
  2. Spend on other gigs?
  3. A combination of both?



Reply to @oldbittygrandma: No problem.


I just started so I haven’t withdrawn the funds yet. But I’m planning to buy some other gigs to improve my gig page :slight_smile:


95% is business revenue, 5% goes back into gigs (some great fun things on here).


Spend my monies on purchasing more gigs. Hope to be a top seller someday!


I havent bought anything yet. If i get a job someday, I hope to buy some! Otherwise, straight to the bank to buy essential supplies.


I save it up within Fiverr until I have a few hundred dollars.

Then I withdraw and immediately send 50% of it to my bank’s savings account to build up an emergency fund.

10% goes to some sort of charity/church.

10-15% goes to reinvesting into my efforts in trying to earn full time income online.

The rest I use for fun stuff like buying gifts for friends/family, taking the wife out to dinner, going on a vacation, ect.


I withdraw the funds to save in my paypal account. It is my hope to use what I earn on fiverr to help fund my dream of providing a stellar program for at risk and homeless youth in continuum of my professional growth in my community. Our children are the future and deserve every opportunity to succeed.


I withdraw the money and I reinvest a part of them :slight_smile:


Use the funds to pay off a huge credit card debt caused by having to pay for a loved one’s funeral.



I’m hoping to withdraw it through Paypal… but Paypal doesn’t support Sri Lanka… so, I’ve got to find another option… :confused: Are there any other way?


Reply to @scrubj: Well ask someone you can trust to withdraw the money then send them through Western Union or something :smiley:


My earnings go into a Money Market account now as I am saving to buy a house in 2013 (we lost ours in 2009)


I’ve only been on here a few months, and just hit Level 2 yesterday, so my earnings have been limited so far, but all revenues up until December 15th are going to pay for Christmas this year. Not bad for an occasional side job!


Mine go into basic rent and utility bill payments at the moment. I’m slowly building up my client base again after taking some time off for maternity so every little is helping for rent and to keep the heating on for the little one at the moment.


I wish the contest was open longer. I didnt have enough time to upload my video. OH well. I donate 20% of my sales to charity and the rest gets put back into my business.


Reply to @marieknight: Really nice of you :slight_smile: Today I went to an animal shelter and donated money for food :smiley:


I use it to fund my other projects.


Fiverr has been a wonderful blessing for us! In the past year we have been able to pay down student loan debt, book flights, and give more to amazing causes because of the revenues made. I’m only a level 2 seller, I am super excited about hitting top seller and expanding our influence even more. -Blessing others out of our blessings- WAHOOO!