Sellers - Where do you source your royalty free music?


Hey sellers,

For those of you who offer royalty free background music, where do you source it from? I have used the YouTube audio library for a while, and it’s just not cutting it anymore. I am willing to pay a monthly fee on a royalty free music library website, in order to have access to more tracks. I do not want any websites where you pay for one song at a time, that would not be financially doable for myself.

Please help!

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Yes, is an excellent source. Worth it and once you download any song, it’s yours to use forever, even if you stop your Audioblocks subscription in the future.

I’ve downloaded over 400 songs so far, put them in categories, and have over 40 I have made longer (looping appropriate sections…)

95% of the time I already have a set of appropriate tracks that fit the script, in the few cases I don’t, I go search for something new. Great service, excellent music (and good sound effects too…)



Thank you so much.