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Sellers who are going on wrong road


Hi sellers, So today i am going to discuss about some serious issues.
Some sellers, I don’t want to mention the names because there are lot of them. They posting false or same discussion posts which others already posted. I don’t know why they are doing this. Maybe they have a false thinking in their mind that by doing this they will get visitors to their gigs and this will increase impression of their gigs. Use your mind guys you are posting in sellers’s section only sellers and mostly new sellers going to see your profile/gig just to look at your gigs or services. They are not buyers. So why you guys are posting same posts again and again and spamming the forum.

One more issues, Some sellers are posting here about techniques to get their gigs on fiverr top page. There are no techniques read Fiverr rules before doing wrong things.You will get banned after few time if you going to do anything wrong.some sellers here are offering review exchange i saw few days ago in buyers requests section there was a stupid person who were asking for ‘Please exchange review with me’ This will cause you to get banned from fiverr. So instead of doing these temporary shortcuts why not you guys should work hard on your profile spending one year or one and half year on fiverr as a good sellers will took your gigs from earth to sky believe me so stop believing on people who are doing wrong posts here.

There are no secret ways of getting more orders or getting your gig on top page. The only secret is use your mind,use your knowledge and follow fiverr cast.



Great Post.I agree with you.I am following forum since few months and i am seeing that people are trying to be fake here.Someone who have no level badge giving tips like they are top rated sellers.
Some are arguing with sellers who are senior than them.


Thank you @graphicsqueen24 some stupid newbies are destroying seller’s image on fiverr.


Nice post.I am experiencing the same.


Thanks @creative_alisha


Nice and helpful post for newbies like me. Thanks.


Hey creativequeen22,

Thanks for the nice article, its very good things to know many people do with this way to get a more sale or go on top of page but its not work, its will going to down,
we are really appreciate for this one.