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Sellers Who Dodge Questions and Are Dishonest About Themselves

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Do you know what grinds my gears? Some writers claim they are experts or hobbyist in gigs for blog posts. However, they dodge questions about the actual hobby. I am seeking a writer to create genuine content on games. I have a gig on Fiverr, and I run two websites. I need an extra hand. I always send a message and ask, “what games do you play?”. So far only two people have actually answered my question.

Most writers dodge the question. One person admitted he would just hire someone else to write it. That does not sit well with me. Another guy responded by saying, “I play a lot of games!”. That does not answer my question ad we are still at square one. Have a nice day and I will seek someone else.

A person’s passion in a topic shows if he or she is interested in the topic. That is why it is important for me to find a person with this passion.


Good advice, and a very good reason for buyers to vet their sellers before they buy a gig that requires created content, even if it’s only one or two questions.

It’s simple to say ‘I play a lot of games’ but if a writer can’t bother to elaborate, yeesh. How hard is it to type out “I play a lot but my favorite genre is puzzles with tower defense as a close second. Currently in the middle of BotW right now, though I play Tetris99 daily for the tickets so I can get the icon. Does watching a Let’sPlay of FF7Remake count?”


Every Call of Duty game that comes out. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Actually, that’s another thought, what if the OP was looking for a tabletop gamer/writer? By not answer properly, a seller might get an order and still not be able to complete it. Just because they’re both games, does not mean they’re the same thing.

It’s like manga and comic books, or LEGO and Mega-blocks, ice cream and frozen yogurt, Terraria and MineCraft, Wendy’s and McDonald’s! Each of these pairs can technically fall under a higher classification.


I don’t expect a person to list every particular game or item if it is a different subject instead of games. A simple answer can be, “I play Sonic, The Legend of Zelda, Modern Warfare, side-scrollers, and other games”. Then, I would know the person is most likely plays games.

It is not hard at all. I ask similar questions when I am seeking service in other areas. I purchase art of superheroes for a special project. I ask artist if they have experience in drawing superheroes. From my experience, artists always give a direct answer.

One guy blocked me and called me rude because I said he did not actually answer my question. He simply said he plays games. He refused to list or mention a single game or genre of gaming.

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I’m a bit surprised you didn’t use Megaman as an example, considering Dr. Regal is your profile pic.

Huh, that’s an interesting tidbit.

And he called you rude!? Yikes. Between your first post and this, I get why you needed to rant.


Most (all) of the sellers I’ve hired will just act like they are the one im looking for and act like they share the same interests. But thats a different type of game they play. I recently searched around for a writer with the ability to put english sentences together (asking too much, I know.) Turns out, It’s more work to find the help than it is to just write it yourself.

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There’s a ton of people on Fiverr who claim to have skills they don’t.

But no one who can write well charges the absurdly low fees the characters you refer to charge. It would make no sense for someone who could write to do that. There are plenty of great writers here. They just want to pay themselves more than pennies and they charge by value.

Don’t lowball and then you won’t have this problem.

This just surfaced from the depths of the Tips category. Interesting read.

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Yeah I understand the whole “get what you pay for” aspect of it. However, This person I hired had a lot of time in their profile, I even ran their profile through copyscape. Made my decision and I forked over 50 bucks for 600-650 words to be rewritten (my own). I don’t think that is low balling? If it is then whatever, I can’t afford proper English on my website’s. :smile:

No truly professional writer would write a 650 thing for $50… That is indeed lowballing.

And time doesn’t mean quality. Remember lots of people who hire barely know English so they’re probably easy to please. It’s not an indication of quality.

If the copy on their gig was written correctly but their work for you isn’t, they probably hired someone to edit it or even write it. If there’s that kind of discrepancy that’s fraud and Fiverr will probably return your money if you make a strong case.

good move. I hope you find your writers soon