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Sellers who have 0 communication

Hi. Kind of an odd question. I made a purchase a few days ago for a logo, it’s suppose to be delivered in 2 days. However, I messaged the seller because I messed up one of my words and I haven’t heard back from her. I haven’t heard from her from my first message, either. Should I move on to a different seller? I really need this logo.

Give them 24 hours to respond, if they don’t message you back then cancel and move on.

Some sellers get full on work requests and may not respond promptly. If you have two days left I would give them until tonight to respond. If they don’t send one last message in hopes they will and add you will cancel the order in fear of it not being done. Some will only communicate once the work is done. If you get down to the last 5 hours, I would submit for a cancellation with them and if that don’t get it done for you or accept the cancel request, then after 3 days it will auto cancel for you.

Another option is wait to see if they deliver before the deadline. If it goes over submit a cancel request and wait it out for the refund to be fiverr credit… OR order another one in the meantime and cancel that one still receiving fiverr credit and not charge back to your card…

Either route you go keep records and if they refuse to cancel with you bring it up to customer support. They will help you with the cancellation and refund of fiverr credit.

By the sound of it you’ve given your seller less than a day to respond.

Check out the average time the seller takes to respond, and I believe you should expect at worst double that. With gigs that take 2 days, this should still be fairly low.

If that time has passed, then I guess you might want to consider another seller if it is that urgent :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

And Inet I placed the order 2 days ago, I just would have appreciated a response from her that she got my change request is all. :slight_smile:

Reply to @mrsbrownies: Did you click the “request a modification” button? Some sellers for some reason don’t realize that they got a new message if you just reply on the order page. If you click the request a modification button, It sends them a notification and it appears in their to-do list.

Hope this helps,


The very first time I ever used Fiverr, about 2 years ago, I was looking for someone to do some quick work. I specifically checked ‘within 24 hours’ and chose 3 people who had no orders in queue, high seller ratings, and high sales volume.

I wrote them very detailed messages because, like I said I needed it done quickly. 2 of them never replied. 1 of them replied almost 2 weeks later. I was honestly surprised they had such high ratings. I make it a priority to reply to my customers if not the same day, the next morning.

Usually, it is the same day though. I know people need work done fast some times. Some times, they just need advice fast. Whenever I am on a break or not busy in general, I make sure I log in to my accounts and check my messages.

Customer service is key. Even if you do phenomenal work, some people just won’t come back if you’re not professional/prompt.

Well I waited. Still 0 communication from her and the file is due today. The thing is, she’s been online and has responded to other reviewers on her page (And they’re all raving about her fast communication…which I’m confused about. I bought her listing 4 days ago and haven’t heard from her once) Super annoyed. :-w

Reply to @mrsbrownies: well the good thing is that you can cancel if she does not deliver by the time the order is due

While I feel for you deeply, sadly the reality is this is a two-way street. I’ve been trying to get buyers to respond to me ALL day to no avail. Some of them live around the globe while others are straight up ignoring my requests. It’s frustrating for sure. I think that an accept or reject option for sellers would actually help negate this issue on both sides. If a seller accepts your request than it’s more than obvious they would be working on your gig. If they don’t respond within a certain time period (12 hours perhaps?) then your request would automatically be cancelled.

Either way, I feel bad for ya. Hang in there. There are some great logo designers on Fiverr. Keep your head up and cancel the order.