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Sellers who leave Fiverr


A few months ago, I had work done by two sellers who both did a great job on separate projects for me. I came back this week and found that both sellers are no longer available to contact. Is there no way for me to contact them again? I only know their first names and their Fiverr names. Will Fiverr give me their full names or website addresses? I was hoping to work with them again. This is very disappointing.

On another note, I noticed something weird while looking through other sellers’ offers. Two different sellers used the same phrasing in their contact information. Identical phrasing that was not common. And these were two sellers who are supposedly from two different countries. It gives the impression that Fiverr sellers are all of one group of people who keep changing their names.

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No, Fiverr won’t give you contact details for sellers who have left the site.

Regarding users with the same or similar descriptions there are a couple of possible reasons:
One has copied the other.
Both have copied a high rated seller.
Both have used some of the templates being sold on sites like Udemy and elsewhere (I kid you not, there are people who are trying to be freelancers who do not have the capability to write a description of what they actually do).
It is the same person using software to pretend they are different people.

None of these are limited to Fiverr sellers, none of them are a particularly big deal but I personally stay away from those types.

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Thanks very much for the information. You were correct. They responded to tell me they could not give me the names of the sellers.
It’s a shame when good sellers leave without providing more information. If they went out on their own, they might’ve gotten more business from former buyers on Fiverr.

Yes, both of the sellers who used the same language in their offers were not native English speakers, so that makes sense. Thanks.


Sellers are not allowed to provide personal contact information. Contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden.


Yes, it’s sad when good sellers leave. The beauty of Fiverr is that it’s always evolving - have a look around and you might find an even better seller!

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