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Sellers who post there should be banner right away >:(

So I’m talking about sellers who promote their gig in β€œBuyer requests” section should be banned right away, really fade up with those sellers :rage:


You can do your part by reporting it to CS.

I have done that and want all of you to fill a complain again those sellers.

yes fiverr team already banned such persons. and will ban other too



See here also:

Why fiverr is not taking step against them?

I have seen this a lot, and I was thinking it was allowed until I tried to do it and received a warning that it was forbidden. I still continue to see this being done every day. How can we help to stop this from happening?

Your post was moved to Conversations. The Report a Bug :bug: section is for bugs!
Sellers posting in BR is not a bug, just desperate people not willing to abide by the rules.