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Sellers who reply I will get back to you then don't

The message is response is a good idea to see if a seller is still active and how long they are liked to take to respond.

I am looking for a social media manager and contacted some sellers. Of those two replied quite quickly just saying they would get back to me, but have not. This is not the first time this has happened and after waiting a reasonable amount of time, getting no reply, I have followed up but still had no reply. I just think its a bit strange that sellers on here don’t want to sell, and fiverr should have a rule to stop this from happening to enable sellers to keep their response rate high or have a report button when they don’t reply. I also guess some sellers just plain forget to go back to the message, as it looks like they have already replied which defeats the point of the system to the buyer.

I also got back two replied from sellers saying they are not accepting orders at the moment which has also then wasted both my time, and their time. Again, I advised them to either pause their gigs or put a note in the description to say it is for existing clients only and that they are not accepting any new buyers.

One reply I got back was to say the seller is no good at promotion, which is again strange when that is what the gig they are advertising is for.

I’m still looking and going to risk posting a request instead, or search elsewhere.


I understand how this can be very upsetting for both parties, but sellers pausing their gigs means that they would most probably lose their ranking, so I do not think that that would be an ideal solution. Hopefully Fiverr will take a note of your experience, and fix it as soon as possible if they can! :grinning:


They don’t wanna work with you for some reason, I’m a seller and I do this when I don’t wanna work with somebody. It’s exactly how buyers do when they tell us they will order on x day and they don’t do crap.


Yeah, sellers try to avoid working with buyers they think may be difficult to work with or who may be wasting their time. As a seller I have not done exactly THIS but I can sometimes tell, from previous experience, exactly how a customer is going to be.

There are buyers who request way more work than they are willing to pay for, buyers who don’t know exactly what they want which means they will most likely be asking for tons of revisions, buyers who ask too many questions before ordering who then deciding to go to someone else for xyz reason… etc etc

My suggestion would be to start a Buyers Request where sellers who want to work with you will bid on or send custom offers your way. This way, you will only be contacted by available sellers and won’t have to wait for sellers to “get back to you”.

Best wishes!


When on the road or out of office I will always respond right away. However I can’t always review their project brief then, so I will send a message saying I will follow-up shortly.

I’d say 98% of buyers appreciated the fact I took their request right away even though I did not respond concerning their request.

Again, customer service is key and ideally, I would love to be able to formally respond every minute of the day, obviously this is not feasible as there is sleep and other times I’m not online.

If however, a follow-up exceeds several hours during work hours or 9-12 hours (sleep hours) that is definitely unprofessional.

Oh, and if you read the initial message and notice you aren’t capable of doing it, respond, don’t leave them hanging.


The buyers request system has its own issues. I had previously sent a request for something with a lot of specific detail, accepted it and not changed any requirements and then been told I would need to pay more than they originally wanted, and I am not talking $5, but more like $400 to $800.

The other main issue is people just not reading your request and sending offers for something completely different, which is not what you asked for. These get immediately removed, so i do not see the point or whether some part of this from the sellers end is automated to reply to all requests in that field.

My other big issue is the amount of sellers using Fake Profile Pics. If I think the Pic is fake I will run a reverse image search on it to check and if it is (more often than not, where one seller was using a pic of a 14 year old), then I will not use that seller. Its also deceptive, probably has borderline GDPR issues, and something I think fiverr really needs to do something about - perhaps a way of someone to report a fake user picture or use facial recognition technologies.

I do not believe I am difficult to work with, but I am prepared. I have already done my homework on the subject myself and I already put a written plan in place to make it easier for the buyer to understand what is required, which is also important to understand I am getting what I am paying for and not getting an inferior service. Perhaps a lot of people on here buy blind without any kind of idea what they want or plan in place, but I cant see how that would work well for the buyer or the seller.

I agree with you on this:

But from the ToS:
To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous.

Not going to happen, and if it does then I’m off.

I have nothing to hide, but don’t ever use my own photo on the internet anywhere, not even FB. I won’t be using it here either.


This category is one I would suggest being very careful with. Social media management can be precarious given that you are entrusting your public face to someone. If you get any hint of a lack of professionalism from a seller offering this then run - if they act like that when dealing with you, their potential client, how much worse will they be when they are representing you?

There is a common misconception that anyone can do SM management/marketing but of those I have seen on Fiverr, very few would qualify as being professional or suitable for what they are offering.

Most if not all of those have regular repeating clients to work with so are unlikely to check Buyer Requests much, if at all. Perhaps check out those sellers who have a sizeable queue of orders, they are more likely to deliver consistently good service.


The first request replies I deleted were the ones with very obvious typos in their replies which means they either have a poor grasp of English or just could not be bothered to check before sending the reply. Do I want to risk them putting typos on the social media postings? No.

It would seem 99% of social media management is offered by people from Albania, as there seems to be a popular SEO course there which I am guessing promotes Fiverr as a platform to sell their services after taking the course. I am not sure what methods are being taught on the course or how far it goes, but also noticed a lot of replies only offered to make posts to the platforms (probably using automated tools) rather than handle the actual management, like engagement and finding suitable people to follow and gaining suitable followers for the niche (which mine being a service, is also location specific). Linkedin requires even more specfic management than twitter. To me management means everything - managing all aspects of it, and not just making posts. There is a lot to it, which is why I do not have a lot of time to perform this while managing other aspects of the business, which is why I am outsourcing.

From my point of view I have to think if a seller has a large order queue and many clients I am going to get a personalised service from them where they understand the business and work with me, or am I only going to get something more generic due to their volume of clients and orders they need to fulfil. The bigger sellers only replied with generic replies, rather than specific ones to show that they had taken the time to look in to it properly.

There are many reason for it

  1. Seller maybe not able do the work
  2. For low rate
  3. Difficult communication
  4. Seller maybe too much busy with other work.
  5. Seller is not interested to do the job.

What you are talking about is very substantial. I think your price point of 400 is quite low for this.
Even if you only have 3 SM platforms to manage, you are talking about roughly $4 per platform per day for a month. Seller gets around $3.30ish.

If they are not just setting auto-posting and are curating or creating content, posting manually, responding to people, engaging with other users etc. then it can’t realistically take any less than 2 hours per day between 3 platforms which works out at approx $4.50 an hour. Not exactly a living wage for any native English speaking country where McDonalds newbies would earn double that.


I’ve done this before as a seller by mistake… couldn’t open a file sent by the buyer because I was away from my laptop, and forget about the message later. Now I keep a pad of paper with a to-do list around so I don’t leave buyers hanging! I miss the pre-digital days of pens and paper. It was so much easier to stay organized, for me at least.

I agree with you offlinehelpers, and I’ll be the second one to say good bye to fiverr.

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i think to avoid this problem you should probably check every gigs of that seller and see how many orders does he have in total. if he has many then you can totally understand he is in a lot of pressure and can’t accept orders. this way you can save both of your time.

A quick bit of research:
The average salary of a person employed in Albania is 330 Euros a month, the minimum salary is 160 Euros and the maximum salary amounts to at least 9 thousand Euros.

So, perhaps they can?

It’s not because they can, that they will. I’m currently in Malaysia where the cost of living is incredible cheap, but I wouldn’t work for any less then what I think my work/time is worth.

While location might play a part on freelancers pricing, when you join a international market place you shouldn’t solely base your ‘bidding/budget’ on that.

Quality work is quality work regardless your location, and I only say this because I’ve had a couple of buyers questioning my prices based on that, as it seems choosing sellers from a less developed economy is a strategy for some buyers and this is okay.

Also minimum wages hardly ever will apply to skilled labor, so your math may be a bit off on that one.

Bottom line is: There’s clearly something on your messages that sellers are not responding well to…and I think your budget could be it.

I’d suggest instead of saying ‘I’ll need this and I can pay that much.’, to either use:

‘I’ll need this. How much would that be?’ or ‘I can pay that much. What would that get me?’ Depending on whether you’re more willing to budge on the price or the amount of work.

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You’re not comparing apples to apples. Even a social media manager in Albania can earn $10k a month because their profession is not limited to Albania. They can offer their service to anyone in the world.

If you believe that you can hire a professional SM manager for $330 from Albania then go for it. Reach out to users from that specific location and see what they say :wink:


Yes, They are doing this just to stay up in Response Rate like we see on Facebook pages but if you don’t get reply within 6 to 12 hours then it’s probably they have already other gigs in line or after ready the details they don’t want to work on that project.
It will be best if they at least reply “Sorry can’t do it”

Albania is not an English speaking country.
You are making a very common mistake here.
You ruled out certain sellers because they don’t speak English natively, have poor grammar, only offer making posts etc and now are ruling them back in based only on the fact that average wage in the country is low and suits your budget.
Besides, perhaps they would prefer to have 10 clients paying 100/month for an automatable posting service rather than $400 from one person where they need to spend 60+ hours per month (keeping in mind that this is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM that I used as an example)


If this is the approach you are taking to hiring on Fiverr (or anywhere) you really should stop and take your entire business concept back to the drawing board.

Firstly, you are looking for someone competent in English. If hiring from a non-native English speaking country, the chances are that anyone with competent language skills has invested in acquiring such, in order to expand their career prospects.

Where I live, an Albanian person, Hungarian, Serbian, you name it, can make 1,000 Euros a month easily as a restaurant waiter. If they are especially proficient, they can then use just being able to speak English fluently to secure a job earning treble that in a bank or online services customer support role.

Secondly, what do you think barrel scraping is really going to do for your business?

Some buyers on Fiverr seem to convince themselves that there is some kind of guarantee that just because someone says they can do something for $5, the service they will be provided with will be equivocal to a $100 service.

Hint: It won’t.

I have seen this time and time again with some of my old regular buyers. They are adamant that they will only pay $5 for a piece of written content. Visit their sites and there are pages and pages of embarrassing/painful to read blog posts. They somehow don’t see that, though. They simply tick a box in their brain which says: “I have content now, this will be good for SEO.”

Being supercheap is like setting fire to your business. If you can’t afford to pay someone to manage your social media profiles, do it yourself. Then invest in a service which you can afford when you have built your business out a little.