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Sellers who send in "placeholder" work at the deadline

Twice this week, I have had sellers send in fake work at the deadline which triggers Fiverr to pay them and mark the order delivered. What recourse do I have? The resolution center seems to be error ridden.

Sometimes this is inevitable, I think. I have a gig that requires a lot of feedback fom the buyer, and often you spend most time waiting for the buyer’s reply than actually working on the project. So when the deadline arrives, you either have to send a “placeholder” or wait for the gig to be marked as “late”, but you get a bit pissed off to be marked late if you spent most of the time waiting for the buyer to reply to your questions.

I’m not saying this is the case, of course. It just depends. It also depends on which kind of “placeholder” he sends. Is it really ‘fake’, taken from google images or something? Or it’s something that he has worked on, and just not completed?

I make websites and if a buyer hasn’t given me in time all the details of how he want the website, I usually send a mockup I worked on, right before the deadline… I wouldn’t know how to do otherwise.