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Sellers who try and bully you

I have 25 years experience as a graphic design artist, I hire artists on fiver because I’m busy and need quick work done for my websites or businesses.

A practice I hate: Artists embedding your work in logos or special effects, then holding it hostage till you give them a 5 star rating, or lying, or ignoring you, or plagiarizing others.

It is very poor business practice to do this. Then they beg you for 5 star rating. I will not give a 5 Star rating when I get poor customer service, get ignored, or try to get bullied into saying things that are not true.

If an artists desires 5 star rating: give a 5 Star performance and provide what the customer asks for. Not only do I give good ratings for good service, but I tip very well when they do what I ask. When they give poor service, I do not tip and rate them poorly.

Don’t let people pressure you to rate them 5 star if they give you poor service- otherwise other customers get burned.

As a seller and as a buyer I think you’re right. No seller should force you to leave a 5 stars feedback. A seller should earn that by doing an excellent job and giving you what you asked for.

Agreed. I only recently found out about sellers who won’t properly deliver work until they get a 5 star rating. Reprehensible behavior, to say the least.

It has happened to me every time… (a few times years ago when i fist tried Fiverr-- and twice this past week)

there is something strange because they have really good reviews… well one of them did, that’s why I choose him. The other woman I choose because she was a new woman. (yes, I wanted to support her)
I had an order canceled because I asked when it would be delivered – said they felt pressured. (the one with great reviews)
And the woman didn’t speak English enough to do anything similar to what i asked-- and when i gave review that said clearly she was not from where her profile said, nor spoke the language her profile said, she begged me to take it off review, but clearly didn’t understand anything other than the stars. Next day she took review off and had 5-star reviews from other sellers…

The problem now is that i really not sure how to trust or find something real— the reviews seem made up to me now, as well as profiles… if i had one good experience i would be so happy :slight_smile: and i am ok with paying more than $5-- don’t get me wrong :slight_smile: i know there must be awesome gems in here!!

It is against the Fiverr Terms of Service to deny delivery based on rating. Sellers may put their logo or other branding on work IF they specify that in their gig information. Some allow you to opt out with or without a fee, so read and use those options or buy from someone else. There are some sellers here who just want to make fast money, so buyers beware, know your rights and report those sellers to Customer Support because no buyer or honest seller wants them here.

There are tons of good honest sellers who deserve your business if you are a good and honest buyer. The community must work together so that can happen. Report rule breakers!