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Sellers who waste your time by posting their gig is "available" but then claiming they're "Too busy"

Anyone have the RECURRING issue with Sellers that many aren’t good at following through on their offer? I have tried to get THREE copywriters to proof read just 2000 words, and they all have come back saying “sorry, I’m too busy.” One fellow, fragglesrock, claims he’s a “damn expert” in his own sales pitch for copywriting services, and at the very end he somewhat nonchalantly says “contact me before ordering”, like it’s a suggestion if you have questions. So I paid and sent him everything he asked for (it’s just $5, right?), and he comes back saying “no orders without first contacting me.” The rule should be: if your ad is up, you MUST complete the gig. If you demand being contacted first, then Sellers MUST state that in their first sentence.

Two other copywriters gave me the “sorry, mate. I’m too busy.” Of course, it takes 2-3 days to find all of this out, so I’m out 8-9 days on getting someone to go over my writing.

I’m about done with because there’s too little oversight.

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed.

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You might have a point but at times I have no control over my time. For example I complete gigs and deliver it. I go on to my next gig. Meanwhile, my last two delivered gigs ask for modifications. 99.9% of the time the modification is because they want something changed, not because of a mistake. I either do it or risk getting a low rating. My schedule is now thrown out of whack.

If I could count on the buyer replying to my messages in a timely manner, making sure he submits his final work so later I don’t have to deal with new modifications just because, and also having to deal with vague messages that takes 3 or 4 responses to get the details, may put an unexpected time crunch on my schedule that I have to deal with when it happens.

So I understand how you feel about your time being wasted but it doesn’t just happen to buyers – it happens as much if not more so to sellers.

And yes, I tell clients to contact me before they order. Why? My years of experience shows that 99% of the buyers don’t read or follow instructions and having to deal with it after they order wastes even more of my precious time.

Yes!!! It’s very frustrating. I recently purchased two gigs. My first gig missed the 11/16 deadline, so I contacted him this morning to check how things were going. He then promised to have it to me within 6 hours, which was up 9-1/2 hours ago. The second gig I purchased advertised 5 hour delivery, so I purchased the extra “Fast Delivery” gig. A day and a half later I’m still waiting. What’s surprising to me is that both Sellers have a 100% rating completing well over 500 gigs. Now I am a patient person and realize that there are circumstances which may delay work orders from being delivered on-time. However, common courtesy to communicate the delay to the Buyer is not an unreasonable request. After reading your post morganoh68, now I almost expect them to Cancel my order. Can Buyers still rate a Seller even after a Cancellation?

Here’s a proofreader that signed up to Fiverr a few days ago:

He doesn’t have any orders yet …

Reply to @mauid512: I don’t think buyers can rate sellers after a cancellation.

dmorganoh68 said: "contact me before ordering", like it's a suggestion if you have questions. So I paid and sent him everything he asked for (it's just $5, right?), and he comes back saying "no orders without first contacting me." The rule should be: if your ad is up, you MUST complete the gig. If you demand being contacted first, then Sellers MUST state that in their first sentence.

Why would you NOT contact a seller first on something like this? As both a buyer and (former) seller, I don't see the logic in your argument, especially since the statement is, "no orders without first contacting me" and NOT, "contact me with any questions."

You blatantly disregarded the seller's instructions, and then you want to turn around and gripe about the seller not having time for your gig? Give me a break.

You're ordering from a *human being*, not a robot that can process your order with no other obligations to fulfill.

"If your ad is up, you MUST complete the gig." The problem with this is that some buyers are never satisfied with the WAY a gig is completed or the TIME in which a gig is completed. Some sellers have tried to compensate by extending their lead time. But then buyers complain that it takes too long. Some sellers have an Extra Fast option, but people don't want to believe that others have also ordered this option, and there's still a line to wait in.

Not to mention, no one wants to deal with someone this demanding. At least the seller was honest with you. He/she *could* have just given you a terrible end product and called it a day with no refund. But then you'd probably be in here complaining about that too, even though, again, you missed out on the instructions.

I realize we live in a world of "I want it now, and I want it on MY TERMS", but it's time for a wake-up call. When you're dealing with real, live people, you have to, well, deal with it.

I'm very sorry that you weren't able to receive your order in a short amount of time. I understand how frustrating that can be. But again, I point out that the seller DID SAY to contact him/her first, and you didn't do that. Whether it's on the first line or the last line, it was STILL THERE.

I hope you'll give another seller a chance, and I hope this time you'll not only read all the instructions, but follow them. They're there to guide you in the process so you CAN get your work in a timely manner.

Good luck to you.
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dmorganoh68 said: I have tried to get THREE copywriters to proof read just 2000 words, and they all have come back saying

This might be the problem...

Copywriting: writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, or influence their beliefs.
Proofreading: to read and correct mistakes in (a written or printed piece of writing).

Clearly, they are two very different skills. It's like going to a construction company and asking them to fix your laptop.
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Like the other posters in this forum, as a seller, I’ve experienced a certain lack of control regarding availability and timeline requirements.

Fiverr has raised the amount of gigs that you can purchase to 12, which a considerable increase compared to the initial 4 or 5. If someone purchases 12 gigs of 1,000 words, that is a hefty order to deliver within the time constraints.

You should also consider time differences when placing your order. For example, I work with clients across the globe that recognize if they place an order for 24 hour turnaround at noon, I might not see it until at least 8 hours later.

As have other sellers, I too have revised my gig instructions to request that buyers contact me prior to placing an order. Here are a few of the reasons for this:

1.) There is a distinct difference between proofreading and rewriting. Often clients assume that they need a proofreading service when in reality, considerable revisions are necessary. Contacting the seller beforehand to assure that you are both clear about the scope of the project protects you as a buyer and the timeline and cancellation ratio of the seller.

2.) Fiverr has initiated a buyer fee based on the cost of the gig that you purchase. This fee is non-refundable, even if there is a mutual cancellation. If you purchase a proofreading gig for $5, you will pay $5.50. If the seller wants to cancel the order because it’s outside of the scope of services, even if you agree to the cancellation, you will only be refunded $5.00. If you don’t agree, you still won’t be refunded the buyers fee.

3.) Effective communication is the point of proofreading services. Communicating with a seller beforehand begins this process so that your goals are clearly defined and your expectations are met.

I know there have been times when I’ve been overwhelmed by a sudden uptick of orders and been absolutely unable to deliver a product. I’ve always communicated with the buyer and usually there’s been a reasonable outcome achieved.

I think it’s actually very considerate of sellers to request that you contact them prior to ordering, especially given the fact that they won’t be paid for their responses, which often include time spent reviewing your request and work to be edited.

While I agree with most of what’s been said above, I’d like to add that if someone really is too busy to take on what really is just a single gig task–like, if their gig is for proofreading or copyediting 2000 words for $5 and they message you saying that they need to cancel because they are just too busy to edit 2000 words–that gig needs to be on vacation mode or otherwise suspended. If I do not have the time to take on even a single gig within the time constraints, that gig is suspended (as all of mine are right now).

That being said, stuff happens. Sometimes you can’t get back to your computer until there are already too many orders in your queue (this has happened to me several times), sometimes us sellers feel that something is outside of our purview or more complicated than the buyer thinks it is and can’t be completed in the time given. If a gig description says “Contact me before ordering,” I’d recommend always, always following that request, especially if you’ve been burned by sellers before.

I’d also ditto what mrproofreading said–if you’re looking for proofreading, look for proofreaders. If you’re looking for copyediting, look for copyeditors. If you’re looking for copywriting, look for copywriters.

dmorganoh68 said: So I paid and sent him everything he asked for (it's just $5, right?), and he comes back saying "no orders without first contacting me."

Wow. I can't believe a Seller actually said to you, especially after you purchased a Gig. I would send these remarks to the Fiverr Customer Service team - this isn't okay.

Should they give you any further issues (say they prompt cancellation) I would report them for violation Fiverr's Term's of Service as their defense might be that "they require contact prior to ordering" would be a violation Fiverr's Terms of Service as it does clearly state: "Statements on the Gig Page that undermine or circumvent these Terms of Service is prohibited." Meaning, a Seller can't just cancel a Gig or refuse to provide service on an order that was pushed when their Gig is clearly active and available for ordering because of what their "contact statement" says on their Gig page. The Seller should have handled this issue better than just down right saying "no". Customer service is number one here on Fiverr in my opinion.

dmorganoh68 said: The rule should be: if your ad is up, you MUST complete the gig.

This isn't a "rule" it's part of Fiverr' Terms of Service: "Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect sellers’ reputation and status."

dmorganoh68 said: If you demand being contacted first, then Sellers MUST state that in their first sentence.

I 100% agree with you on this, is the Seller is going to tell you "no orders without first contacting me" and/or decided to cancel a Gig that you paid for on an active Gig this need to be noted first in their description. It shouldn't be a demand, it should be a request. Also, Customer Service has told me directly, buyers cannot be "forced" to read the Gig description, and Sellers need to take this into consideration when creating their Gig description and when orders come in.

Good luck though, and sorry about your experience! I do provide proofreading of any 2,000 word document, so if you are still having trouble, please feel free contact me and I'll be happy to assist you. :)
thepromogirl said: Also, Customer Service has told me directly, buyers cannot be "forced" to read the Gig description,

LOL Then what exactly is the point of having a gig description? I could just slap on a title and deliver ANYTHING, and if you want to complain about the end product, I'll just say you're being too subjective and point you straight to the TOS that says:

"Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page."

So if you don't feel you need to read the gig description, by all means, go ahead and order. Just keep that little tidbit in mind. Also remember this:

"A Seller may cancel an order without the buyer's consent at any given moment..."

You might think the seller was rude, but he/she was well within TOS rules.

As well, Fiverr TOS states quite a few times that:

"We encourage our buyers and sellers to try and settle conflicts amongst themselves."

Asking buyers to contact the seller BEFORE ordering is a GREAT way to settle any conflicts/issues/etc BEFORE an order is made and these issues have a chance to arise.

It's basic common sense to inquire about an order before purchasing. It amazes me how many times people walk themselves into a pit and then whine and moan when they get stuck.

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I was about to post a similar complaint.

I ordered about 5 similar gigs with different people, but only one of them actually did the job (and he was great). Three others actually wasted my time and made me cancel the order after the 2-3 days deadline. The fifth order is in his third day and it’s likely coming to a similar end.

We should automatically see, for any seller, how often he/she cancelled an order recently, because of time running out. Or just declining after 2-3 days of wasting buyer’s time.

I tell anyone that I don’t want to work with that ‘I’m too busy’ If you ask me stupid questions, or expect unrealistic results, or I get the feeling that you’re going to be difficult or demanding, I’ll tell you I’m too busy. It’s a polite way of saying go away.

Most of my gigs say ‘contact me before ordering to avoid cancellation or confusion’ Not that everyone reads it. There are some things which I just don’t to work on and some buyers that I don’t want to work with.