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Sellers Who Were Venting Off Topic in the "Got my Level Back" thread

Ok so what smart thing would you do if a buyer ordered something you don’t do? Say you wake up one day and find you have an order to write a 90-page novella for them about eggs within a week for $5 or your base gig price. Do you

A) Tell them you don’t offer that service, politely point them towards someone who might, and ask them to mutually cancel?

B) Extend their order time by a year and hope they forget or a better update comes to the system by then…like being able to ACCEPT/REJECT orders before they start Imeanhowhardisthatitdsolveeverything.

C) Write the 90-page story about eggs, animate it in 3D, increase the price of order, possibly, if the buyer agrees, and have discovered a newfound talent and open a new gig doing so. See it later when it comes out in theaters, slightly altered so they don’t have to give you credit or extra pay.

D) _________ you fill that in.

Personally I’m A, that’s why I’m back at lv 0 on this St. Levels Day.

But HOPEfully I’ll get back to 2.

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I would say…

D ) Well, looks like you had ordered something completely alien to me. for the animation part, i would say around 350$. If you are new to the industry i can give you a tour around for free. This is my hobby and life so im not after $$$. But i value what i do. So let me know, or we can always cancel mutually. but please remember not to drop in 5$ orders and start discussing afterwards. your 5$ might be a blank shot that might hurt both the buyer and seller.

blah blah.

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lol, that would be my answer. BECAUSE, we cant do what we dont do in life.


But these occasions are far and in between. I’ve only had one such order in over 100s.

My gigs are clear in what they offer.

D) - Simply send support a message stating the obvious - the buyer purchased your gig and is asking for something other than what you are offering.

Don’t forget, the more orders you do complete, the higher the percentage would be.

I was demoted in Feb. because a client mistakenly placed duplicate orders and requested a cancellation of one. I did that. What am I suppose to do?..tell them no? As a result my completion rate was low and I was demoted from Level 2 to Level 1. A demotion for merely providing good customer service. Sometimes clients make mistakes…sellers should not be penalized! I’ve always been a big fan of Fiverr but I’m NOT a fan of their new evaluation system.
Thanks for letting me vent my frustration.


I also belong to category A, and is being paid for that, level dropped from 2 to 0. No new order and on top of that got my highest scoring gig removed a week ago citing that it was against their policy, after more than 3 years.

Same! I was demoted twice because a buyer mistakenly ordered 6 gigs for 1 order. Had to cancel 5. I have no choice but to let this expire past the 60 mark to go back up to level 1 then 2. I couldn’t be any less of a fan of this new “system.”

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For you maybe the cancellations are far inbetween but for many they are not. For example a lot of spokespeople, especially the females, are asked to do something risque, wear a bikini, deliver in 3 days, say something sexual, or do something sexual (seen one where guy ordered and wanted to see her feet, just feet and wouldn’t explain why) will order and ask them to make a video that is a false testimonial which Fivver is against and yet when they have to be cancelled for those things Fiverr counts it against them.

So sexual things and false testimonials may be promoted by Fiverr as well, indirectly.

You may have some good clients in your area but there are a ton of bad apples out there that have brought some of the spokespeople down real quick.

Oh and if you get demoted to level 1 or new seller guess what? You can’t do custom orders. That is at least 35% of my spokespersons jobs.

Look my spokesperson has one of the highest ratings on Fiverr but they ain’t immune. And so many of these positive folks are saying “make it an opportunity” or “work hard” as if most folks here ain’t already working hard.

Bad enough folks can’t go on vacation or be in the hospital without their response rate going down and Fiverr doesn’t have an autoresponse when on vacation. So yeah is it hopeful. Nope. Imagine basically losing your job when you got sick and having to start all over again. At least if I lost a normal job I have an unemployment check.

These changes are really dark. If something comes out positive I will be surprised.

Just wanted to share this. We have maintained these stats for years and a few times we went below 90% on cancellation because of sellers who ordered but wanted ■■■■■■ things, suggestive things, shady things, false testimonials, videos about stuff we listed we don’t do, double ordering, just didn’t want it anymore etc.

I don’t see how it is fair to be demoted after maintaining these high standards and then have a bad month and demoted because of something out of your control. As you can see our stats are impeccable…so you tell me how magically I’d change the hearts of sellers to not cancel when they asked my wife to do crazy things after putting in an order?

How do we reevaluate that and fix that problem when we had nothing to do with that problem?
How do I go back and rethink our approach? Especially when we have everything listed on our site and even say don’t put in an order unless you speak to us.

Has nothing to do with our work ethic as you can see by our stats.
We’ve maintained those stats for years except like I mentioned at least 2 months in the past 4 years where cancellations caused us below 89%.

You tell me.

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