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Sellers-Why don't you show the real YOU?


I’m a buyer on Fiverr and I notice that sellers often use fake profile images of some model or of another person. Why don’t sellers show their real faces and list their name? You are a business and are self-employed, why hide that? Why not show the real you? I would rather know whom I am doing business with.

I suggest that Fiverr should do something about the fake models avatars. What do you guys think?

It’s a common thing here, and as much as I agree with what you say, it seems like some
people really believe that having those profile photos really help them get sales.
There was this one seller who used a photo of someone ( an actress BTW) and that seem to
help her/him get attention. I remember seeing in one of the comments “Thank you for your help, and you are so pretty!”
(that seller is gone, I’m guessing her lies have been exposed)

We will continue to see Brad Pitts and Britney Spears and Emma Watson here at Fiverr.
I’m so honored I’m working with such big name celebrities! :smirk:


It’s just that some think that is a win for them, that they will get more sales.

I don’t agree, and I hope there are more buyers like you who work with the real people, but it’s an open marketplace, so buyers have to select carefully, and sellers are allowed to use any graphic/photo they wish in most cases.


I will apply this in my profile too


Because unlike other freelance website, Fiverr is based on ANONYMITY.

You do not have to provide any identifying features to start selling here.


Not sure, I guess they are scared that people will stalk them?


Yet a seller is also not allowed to use photos of other people with proper copyright when commercializing their services with those faces and, who knows, give those people whose faces they’ve used a bad image with poor quality services. Imagine such a scenario: “Oh man, did you know that AngelinaJ now sells cheap stuff on that site? And she even managed to scam me!” - or maybe fans would love being scammed by their idols, haha :smiley:


just use these images as a good indicator for Who to Avoid.


Yes, the truth is my picture. My name is Mohammad Arashadul Haque, father: Md. Nazrul Islam, Mother-era: Reshma Begum. I am a Bangladeshi citizen, I am completing BSc in Computer Science in Diploma. Now I have an institution which is Oxford Computer and Software Tanning Center. There I do not have a class as a teacher on computer sciences. I always like to talk real.


But I see a lot of talanted “Celebrities” here :slight_smile:
Hope to find here my new wife from HOLYWOOD.


You know how we said Fiverr was intended to be anonymous? You’ve probably given enough information away, complete with your picture, for somebody to steal your ID.

By all means, be real, but don’t give everything away! :slight_smile:


Please also give your date of birth, phone numbers, email address, social security number, etc. [/sarc]


I understand where you’re coming from. A year or so back before I became a seller on this platform, I had first hand experience of this exact thing. I appointed a voice over artist to do a few voice overs for me. Everything went smooth, the quality of the service I got was top notch. Even the voice overs was of the highest quality.

I used this seller quite a few times with the possibility of long-term work. But suddenly the next day I noticed the profile pic, and you can see it is a real genuine picture. So, I ask the seller why didn’t ‘HE’ put his own picture up in the first place ( He explained to me why) …anyway to make a long story short.

I discontinued using his services in an instant. And after I commented on ‘HER’ pic of how cute ‘SHE’ is and all.

An awesome service and high quality voice-over gig losing a long-term client over FOR NOT BEING OPEN & UPFRONT FROM THE GET GO.


Was it a male voice or a female voice?

Commenting on how ‘cute’ somebody is - really? Looks like you fell for it. :wink:


It was a really cute pic for sure. Because that time I was new to the platform.

Yes. It was a female voice. Now I know he must have outsourced the voice. But that initial mistrust didn’t sit well with me, you know.


I am a buyer and a seller here, and I like to use my real profile picture here. It is the same photo I have on all my websites and social media profiles. I also use my real name.

Of course I am interested in using my real information since I am a blogger and I want to build my own name.

Personally I prefer dealing with sellers that use a real profile photo, I just like knowing who I am dealing with.

That said I do understand that there are a lot of sellers that have a full time job or just want to stay anonymous for some other reason too. I guess it is personal preference.

I don’t like it if I feel I have been deceived by a seller though and if I feel that way it doesn’t matter how awesome their gigs are I will stop buying from them.


My profile might be TOO MUCH ME… :wink:


Because I don’t want random people downloading my picture?
Because I don’t want random people searching on Fb or other social sites for my profile?
Because if someone wants to do business with me he/she should look at my portfolio or my reviews and not at how I look like?

Because a face, color of the skin, physical appearance is not relevant at the moment that your WORK defines yourself in a working place?
Like you or someone else would be able to “know” or “recognize” scammers just by a picture!!!
I’ve read something there up:

Like that would prevent you of being scammed?
Because if he/she looks not “bad” it will reassure you or your social prejudices because someone who looks weird/foreign/strange should be a scammer?

Oh boy… never seen such amount of people who believe they’re entitled to prejudice others by a picture!
Something is true: I will never sell to people like that!

A Logo designer can use a logo, people who deal with artistic Gigs can use their own artwork (like me), and that doesn’t mean we’re less than anybody else.


They want to make more sales


There’s nothing wrong using a logo or an animated character, but using a photo of a celebrity or a random model should not be allowed. I think OP was referring to sellers using fake photos rather than using logos or graphic design.