Sellers with double identities giving themselves 5 star ratings


So I have a seller wanting to do a service for me, even though the service he’s offering isn’t what I put out a request for, and isn’t something on his list of services.

Then I notice he has only one review, and its very good - 5 stars.

Then I notice the guy that gave him the review looks a bit like him, is offering identical services to him, and has a personal description worded EXTREMELY similarly to his. Its clearly the same guy with 2 identities giving himself a 5 star rating.

Is this commonplace? Serves yet again only to undermine confidence in buying from Fiverr.


I have seen it before. However, I would not say it is commonplace. A buyer anywhere needs to be a savvy shopper. You have discovered someone who is dishonest, and whom with you may not want to do business. It can be that way in a brick and mortar store or with an online store too. It is a buyer beware world.


Could be, or it could be a seller outsourcing?

Pick somebody else to order from! :sunny:


We literally have people that are verified by Fiverr along with multiple level 2 sellers that have amazing reviews that show their true worth - that is as long as you’re willing to pay the price.


It isn’t commonplace for the simple reason that you actually make a loss by doing this.

You may think that paying money to yourself means that you gain a review without losing any money but this doesn’t take into account the 20% that fiverr takes or the withdrawal fees.

Every time a person buys their own gig to gain good reviews, they lose money so in the end it isn’t worth it and it isn’t very common.


Sounds like brothers or cousins . . .


It is not common but it happens. It is up to each buyer to carefully read all reviews and profiles like you did to weed out these unscrupulous sellers and not buy from them.