Sellers with grammar mistakes in their listing. Should I notify them or mind my own business?


Hi Everyone!

I am new to Fiverr and I am using it to find editing and proofreading services for my nonfiction book. I have noticed that a lot of sellers offering proofreading and editing services on Fiverr have typos or errors in their listings. One example I saw today is “I will be your book editor, edit novels or story and do proofread”

English grammar is my weakness (that is why I need a proofreader and editor). However, do you think I should contact these sellers with a friendly notification of mistakes in their listings? Or should I just mind my own business?



I could definitely understand your concern. Personally, I like it when someone points out a mistake or suggestion, however I do know that some people can get rather defensive when a problem is pointed out. I think you could make the suggestion, but would definitely need to be very careful in how you approach them. Just my suggestion.


Here at the forum you will see a good number of people trying to promote their gigs, or ask for feedback. In many cases I’ve seen people asking for advice about their proofreading/editing gigs, but judging from their English you can tell that they clearly should not be offering those gigs, so when I am asked for help here at the forum, I will step in an point that out.

In other cases, I’ll leave them alone. Well, at least that’s what I will do. :slight_smile:


I get annoyed when I see people offering writing gigs or proofreading gigs who are bad at English. On the forum I sometimes point out their mistakes, but if I were searching for a writer or proofreader I would want to see how they write their gig descriptions to see if they really are able to write properly. So I wouldn’t tell them their mistakes.


I say leave it as is. You are doing a public service by allowing the true quality of their work show. If you fix it, someone will order and get a document with the same poor English. Serves as a red flag to buyers.


Proof reading and editing service providers must have fluency in their language. Grammatical errors or typos must not be there. However you will find a lot of sellers here who have grammar mistakes in their titles. This is because of limited title space, and when a seller tries to put a full sentence with proper grammar, the title limit get exceed, and main keywords are missed.

In order to remain in search results, sellers usually type in important keywords in their titles. That conveys the message, but grammar is messed up.


I have some serious grammar mistakes on my gigs but I’ll never fix them. This is because when you make any change on your gig’s description, your gig will disappear from search results for a period of time and there are chances it won’t come back! It happened to me! So, I prefer having grammar mistakes rather than having my gig vanished :slight_smile:


That´s a valid point, though I assume the OP meant typos or “typos” like grammer instead of grammar mostly. :wink:

And right, many people seem to be afraid to change their gigs as seen in the previous comment.