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Seller's with Poor English


Just a rant, but honestly, there should be a basic language test for people.

Currently buying from someone whose English is so bad. I know we all make mistakes, but with this guy, I have to break everything down into 5 word sentences. And then explain everything slowly. Excruciating.

On the other hand, the guy’s work so far is absolutely outstanding, and he’s delivering beyond what I wanted for my application. Yes, I’ll have to edit the source files because of his English, but those are relatively simple changes. But it’s just so annoying at times.

Not sure how I’ll rate him. Strictly going by what he delivered, I’ll have to edit a bit and he was quite late, but the work is top class, so might go 5 stars anyway


That’s all that matters surely? Glad you found a great seller! :slightly_smiling_face:


True, that’s what matters, which is why he won’t get less than 4 stars, but his poor English is the reason for the delay. He misunderstands a lot of what I say, in the end, I had to draw the idea on paint for him to get what I wanted him to do.

But yeah, great work so far by the guy and at a pretty low rate comparatively too


Excellent idea! Not all of us can visualize things using only text, even if our written communication skills are good. We can’t use verbal communication obviously, so drawing a diagram sounds like a great way to convey your needs.

I’ve had buyers do this for me when they want to make something really clear - it really helps! :sunny:


If you like his work and want to keep working with him, you could try giving him an honest suggestion regarding his communication with buyers, mainly you. Try saying it in a way he’ll understand without being offended. If he takes your advice and starts working on his English, I imagine his performance here will be even better. Great work and improved communication together will go a long way, especially since not every buyer is willing to tolerate communication mishaps or draw their ideas in Paint.


It’s not easy learning a new language.

I give 5 stars to sellers that deliver, over deliver expectations. To me communication isn’t how well they speak English, but how quickly they respond and how receptive they are.

I’ve had bad sellers who rip me off, so with good sellers, I’m okay with a bit of hassle.


As the @gina_riley2 says.

But at least the sellers who ventured to open a service at Fiverr would want to learn English well (just like me).


True, and I don’t expect someone to speak perfect English

I’m a non-native speaker from Pakistan, so I don’t exactly have high expectations, but the ability to form sentences should be a given.

Anyway, yeah, was just ranting, the guy was receptive to the ideas and changes, and has done three revisions for me, and is delivering a nice product, so for that I’m thankful. Considering the last guy tried to rip me off and scam me by marking delivered twice without delivering anything, this guy is a breath of fresh air


Gig almost over

I now have 50$ left over, since the original gig where I was scammed was 300$ and this guy’s worth+extras was 250$. I’ve contacted customer support, which I believe should refund the 50$ left over.


Rating is up to you, but I would encourage you to give him honest feedback. If it’s so bad that it starts to affect delivery time then he might wish to hire an assistant/translator. There are plenty of talented sellers here who use VA to handle communication.

UW is using tests, but some sellers ask others to take the test for them. Instead you should interview the seller before placing an order. If they are not able to discuss the project with you then you can move on to someone else. That way you can discuss the project scope, timeline, price and test their communication skills.


UW (If that’s Upwork) has some truly awful tests. And I say this as someone whose gigs on there and work on Freelancer is about writing.

Then there’s Freelancer’s Money making tests which is another uniquely awful idea.

Tbh, my idea of a test would just be very basic. Upwork’s tests are overly wrong, and are incredibly easy to get wrong, the wrong and right answer are one letter apart, and you can get it wrong just by not concentrating


Absolutely agree. Some technical tests have even incorrect answers.
I’m afraid that even if those tests were any good, it won’t eliminate cheating. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer interviewing a seller myself rather than some test that might not be relevant or even accurate.

PS. I wish there was a call option (with or without video) for interviewing, but messaging will do for now.


I think you should give him honest feedback. Other than that, it’s great that you feel that you want to give him 5 star!


I doubt Fiverr will give you a refund of your $50 - it will just stay in your Fiverr account until you need to order services again.



Transferred to my sales account, just as of this morning, and ready to withdraw :slight_smile:


He has communicating problem…But I’m really happy to hear that you gave him good rating. It will encourage him to improve his language problem.I think at least he knew his main problem.Really appreciate!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Fiverr is a global platform heavily saturated with sellers who aren’t native English speakers. While some of them are from regions where most people learn English well enough at some point, most are from areas that tend only to have a very basic understanding of the language.

I’m from the states, so I’m used to encountering language barriers all the time and I’m very patient because I know everyone involved just wants to be understood. But when it comes to hiring someone to do work for me, I won’t deal with that. There’s no reason to struggle getting a point across to one person when I can just work with another.

Then again, I don’t shop on Fiverr. I imagine finding someone up to snuff on here who also speaks your language well (whatever language it is) is way harder than “out there” just because it’s so flooded with nonsense.

So if you find a seller who is able to give you the results you want in spite of the language barrier, I wouldn’t penalize them for it. You’re not paying them to speak English well. You’re paying them to deliver a service. If that service is outstanding, then give them an outstanding review.

Just don’t shy away from letting them know how difficult it is to communicate with them sometimes. Like others said, it might inspire them to improve their English, which is better for them in the long run in terms of business.


you could try learning his lingo :):slight_smile: to be fair you have managed to communicate with him so well done to you. Rate his work not his English is my only suggestion


Where does one go to take lessons in Mek-sel? Rosetta Stone does not offer it.


And there you have it. The seller has a monopoly on this market. Maybe he could offer to teach you :joy::joy: