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Sellers with unrealistic opinions of their work

After wasting a couple hours trying to find a suitable on-camera spokesperson and voiceover talent, I noticed a few things in the listings that became very annoying.

Nearly everyone promises a “professional” job. Although, when you view their demo videos, most are nowhere near professional quality. Spokespersons who might have a nice looking video with 3-point lighting, will have terrible audio. It sounds like they’re using the camcorder’s mic, replete with noise and room reverberation. That’s makes their product totally unusable (one woman even had the audacity to ask for an extra $20 to use a proper mic)! Several sellers also have flat, un-lit video, while trying to sell themselves as on-camera spokespeople… certainly NOT professional.

Also, what’s with people offering video or voicework, but they only show a photo of themselves? If you want to sell your performance, you should at least have an EXAMPLE of what you can do! Having no audition video is the mark of a rank amateur.

I know it’s only $5 (at least that’s the premise), but if I wanted to give someone $5 for something that’s not usable, it’s easier to just toss the money in the garbage and save everyone the trouble. I have no problem paying someone extra when they actually DO professional-level work. I’m a generous tipper.

With respect, you’re shopping on a site where everyone offers services for a fiver. Four dollars after Fiverr take their cut. To rant at the general quality throughout the site is like buying a pair of paper trousers and getting mad they ripped.

People think doing voiceovers is easy since they have a voice and can read a script.
It’s not easy. It takes talent and equipment and practice such as acting ability.
There are some great professional talents here in the voiceover section if you hunt for them.

True, I have provided scripts for voiceovers and I think performing them is one of the toughest things possible.

With Voiceovers you are paying for someones sound and I am sure putting my ugly face on here would not convert into more sales. It would also not change my voice or the high quality of work I deliver.

Ask people to send you samples of work from their portfolio. If you dont like it then do not order. Check their feedback also?

Have a look at some other voice directories out there and thank your lucky stars that you have a site like fiverr and you may not feel so hard done by LOL

I agree, these sellers should advertise themselves like this -
“100% unprofessional, guaranteed to not exceed your expectations and I also do not use the equipment required to do this job properly”.
Fiverr needs to address this immediately!!!

I am also upset that I am not followed by 1000’s of women every time I use my deodorant and that I haven’t developed 6 pack abs no matter how many Diet Cokes I drink!

I had such a great experience the first time–followed by a series of very aggressive sellers peddling very mediocre work all while aggressively begging for 5 stars. Now I have a credit I wish I didn’t have and am motivated to learn this myself.