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Sellers worried about deadlines

I am a new buyer and I find that a lot of the sellers I interact with want me to do everything by messaging them first. That includes starting a project but also doing revisions. I don’t really understand because revisions are included so why does it hurt their standing on fiverr if I request a revision?

Also sellers seem hesitant to start a project if I have to send them a product for photos (because it takes time to get there) but that means I may send them a product before I have begun the transaction. I don’t like this because on a different site similar to fiverr I have had people take the products and never do any work.

So is fiverr really so hard on sellers even if the buyer agrees to extend the project?

You can find, indirectly, an answer to your questions reading some of the recent posts regarding the level demotion. Generally speaking, a good level of communication is appreciated.
The importance of defining requirements and doing some preliminary analysis also depends on the level of complexity of the job.


I understand that they want to understand the scope of the job first but they don’t want me to request revisions because it’s bad for them and yet revisions are included. That is kind of putting me off as a new buyer. It’s not the sellers fault but I am finding a lot of flaws here with fiverr as a customer. Why have the sellers offer revisions if you are going to penalize them for doing them?

A seller that decides to offer a revision or a number of revisions shouldn’t put pressure on the buyer to avoid the revision afterwards, for a matter of coherence.

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Revision does not affect the metrics of sellers! If they don’t want to make revision, they must write that revisions are not included in their gig.
Do not hesitate to contact CS if your buyer refuse to do something included in his gig description.
Those buyers give a bad image of Fiverr and this bad image will affect other honest sellers!

Fiverr has introduced a monthly evaluation, and a lot of sellers are getting demoted (some of them because of the mistakes that their buyers have made, not because they did something wrong). Many sellers are panicking right now, and some of them are acting irrationally because of that.