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Selling a Fiverr service in Linkedin--is moonlighting ethical?


(Moonlighting is selling individual services on the side when working for a company, not sharing it with them)

I’m selling Linkedin profile views of their own connections in Fiverr. I’m wondering how and if i can advertise this in Linkedin since it’s part of a larger Linkedin service.

I’m joined up with a guy who writes profiles for Linkedin, I make their profile visible, and we’ve made a company. We’ve agreed to split profits, but we’ve not made any sales yet. It’s been 2 months. I’ve bought some things this weekend to make us more noticeable, but I’m wanting to moonlight with my profile views inside of Linkedin.

I thought it unethical if I advertised this right in my profile. I did put it in my projects section, but it’s way down on the page, so I’m unsure if it’ll get much attention. I’ll break down my questions.

  1. Is it smart to individually message my connections? My software can do this to whole niches using a single message, a good thing. It even puts their name in automatically.

  2. I posted one advertisement in a group’s promotions last night. I’m unsure how much attention “promotions” get. Is this smart? And if so, does anyone know of group posting services?

    But my main concern is nixing him out of profits. I’ll take any thoughts on this, for if you have knowledge I likely will say “yeah, you’re right”. Just doubting myself some right now.

    P.S.–this is important: I met him here in Fiverr. He sells profiles, made mine, and we connected from there. I may have my answer now :-).


Hi fhorns2000,

Sounds like you’re asking two separate questions. One about moonlighting, the other about whether you owe him profits that you generate yourself. I’ll comment on both separately :slight_smile:

  1. As a doctor, I have no problem with the concept of moonlighting. The only real issue for physicians moonlighting, for instance, is whether a current contract with a given hospital allows for moonlighting elsewhere. If it does, great. If not, then moonlighting is a no-no - but not because it’s inherently unethical, in my opinion.

  2. I think the original issue here is that you two agreed to “split profits.” On Fiverr, I do writing (sales copy, script writing, etc.) and proofreading/editing. I collaborate with a few other people here, but we don’t “split profits.” Instead, we have mutual understandings to refer Buyers to each other during times of overflow for one person and a lull for the other. That way, it’s still up to us to make our own profits, and we’re not competing with each other. Instead, we’re helping each other get more sales than we might otherwise.

    Hope this helps.



Thank you David. The one and only man who’s ever used “moonlighting” was my ER doc brother in law! Who’d of thought?

I’ll check out our documents though. He gave them to me originally.