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Selling a Gig-Newbie


I was a buyer for the last 3 years. am just thinking of becoming a seller. Can someone suggest easy gig to start with. I don’t want to sell a complex gig and fail at the start.


The easiest gig is one which you can complete successfully to ensure happy buyers and good reviews. :slight_smile:


Can I know which can be a easy gig and selling


I meant easy gig which can fit into fiverr’s standards.


One for which you have the skills - I can’t say ‘you can do blah gig’ because it’s easy.

No gig is going to be easy if you can’t do the tasks necessary to complete it.


Yeah, it all depends on your skills and interests :slight_smile: We can’t recommend a gig category for you. Decision is all yours :slight_smile:


You can try Logo designing or web designing. It will mainly depend on your skills and interests. You can also do voice over.


Good luck, just grip your strong and amaze the world with your work.


Here are some broad categories you might consider:

Writing: Can you write?
Proofreading: Can you proofread?
Holding a Sign: Can you hold an erasable whiteboard sign one day a week in front of an interesting landmark near where you live?
Spokesmodeling: Are you attractive? Would people want to pay you to say nice things about their stuff on video? Can you read a script?
Voice modeling: Do you have a “radio voice”? Would people want to pay you to say nice things about their stuff on audio? Can you read a script?

Try reading What Color Is Your Parachute and brainstorming the skills you have that you like to use and that you might appropriately offer as digital products or services.

For example, if you are the world’s greatest sculptor and can make sculptures on the sides of mountains, like Mt. Rushmore, that’s amazing, but probably would not make a good digital product. If you can make 3D models, that might work.

Good luck,