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Selling at Level 2

About two years ago i received a mail. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…” and i was really happy that i just got a Fiverr level 2 status.
i’m really enjoying my work at fiverr till now. but i just started to feel like the selling at level 2 is never easy. i did completed more than hundred orders in my first two months here. but now it looks like i difficultly get 10-15 orders in a month.
I have a lot interaction with Freelancer and when i see around i notice that start ups and Level 1 sellers are really selling good but level 2 sellers are suffering with getting sales regardless of having ideas quality customer satisfaction experience and much more

Kindly share your opinion about it that what are the measures the LEVEL 2 sellers should taken to improve their sales?

Congrats, yes its the same for any freelancer, at some point in time, I have learnt the hard way because I did not know that sales would literally dry up after awhile, what I did was visit the forum and saw some tips that I could use, I utilize this by changing my tags, descriptions, some of the times. I offered a deal/discount to past customers and I sent out buyer’s request. I have not done much promoting on social media so I do not know how effective that has been, so you can try that.

PS. On my off days I network, research and learn new things to add to my craft.

I can attest, that all those suggestions that you see here on the forums do actually work. Especially keyword matching in your gigs. I’ve also switched all my gigs to 24-hour turnaround and my sales this month are the highest in a long while.

You have to be “smarter than the average bear” when it comes to your gig keywords and descriptions. Spend a couple of hours going through the competing gigs that are doing well, document what they do, and emulate what is working for them. It does make a difference.