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Selling Backlinks - Clarity From Those with SEO Experience Would be Appreciated

So, I’ve just gone and bought myself a super cheap but super: “I Can’t Believe No One Thought of This Already” domain name. - In fact, I’ve got a few already. I just never seem to get around to doing anything with them. This one, though, I plan to have up and running as a live site in 2-weeks max.

In short, it’s a cryptocurrency related domain. - Not a stupid cryptocurrencynewstoday etc long-winded thing. A catchy, guaranteed to have hit appeal domain, which is so simple it’s beautiful. (Can you tell I’m impressed with myself.)

Anyway, I stubbed my toe walking my dog about two hours ago, and it came to me: Why not start my very own cryptocurrency blog? I’m already writing 2-3 articles daily which are supercharging other cryptocurrency news sites in terms of SEO. Plus, high-quality news can rake in crypto donations like nobodies business. - Then there is a whole world of affiliate marketing opportunities.

After grabbing my new super domain name, though, I’ve just had second idea. Namely, what if as well as publishing all my own content, I offer my Fiverr crypto clients a $10 article reposting service. - One where articles I write for them, I could offer to repost on my site and a high authority site which I already publish on, and get them a couple of backlinks in the process?

This would not be an advertised service. It would be one offered only to clients as a custom extra. This way I would still have full editorial control over what I publish. My only problem? - I don’t really know how this kind of thing goes with Fiverr officially. Would this be seen as selling spammy backlinks (which I know is banned.) Or is there a way to offer this service 100% compliantly in terms of Fiverr TOS?

It is just an idea. - Not the purpose of my site at all. However, since I know that some SEO service sellers and writers offer similar services, any clarification regarding how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

Amazingly enough (and I’m not being sarcastic) it seems people have had really good luck just by designing a gig that they want to try and running it by Support. I know of a popular seller that manages to get around all kinds of issues by creating a gig, pausing it, contacting Support and getting them to OK it. She’s gotten gigs approved with words I didn’t think would pass and other stuff.

I’m not saying yours is necessarily that risky, I don’t think I’m the right person to answer that. I’m just thinking that Support would give you great feedback but you might have to put some time into designing the gig and tweaking it.


Yes, this probably will be a dreaded toddle up the yellow brick road to CS event. Also, I might be able to woo them by using my on-site author bio as Fiverr bio. First, though, I now have to re-learn Wordpress which is going to be… Well, fun.

Talk about it as a guest post, not as a backlink. That is what it is and guest posts are fine as far as I know. Guest posts just happen to have links in them. The fact you write it for them too is not relevant. I have never seen anything about guest posts being an issue.

As fonthaunt said, maybe run it by CS to be sure but I have seen lots of established sellers with established gigs with the same.