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Selling copyrighted content?


Hey guys,

According to the subject title of this thread, actually that’s not what i’m doing and in NO-WAY, I plan to do this. I simply had a question and needed opinion or clear answers from a moderator on here…

Actually, there are tons of POPULAR gigs on fiverr that currently sell copyrighted content. Like: movies, plugins, softwares, videos, tutorials, etc.

Those are EASY TO FIND, they are HIGH RATED, and they get HUNDREDS OF ORDERS… The owners of these check out fiverr a lot and I recently reported a wordpress plugin that was selling on here to the official owner, he told me he filled out a complaint and got no answer?

Are the moderators on fiverr shutting down those gigs? And if not… WHY?! :o

Thank you,

Jean-Michel Mailhot :stuck_out_tongue:


The Fiverr Editorial team are always reviewing gigs that fall out side of the terms of service framework. If you believe something really does violate the terms of service by selling good that ARE copyright protected the best thing to do is give the customer services team a heads up

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Already reported a few ones to the official owners as well as on here. We both filled out the fiverr customer support form and got no answers?

We got an answer for one of them and they said they were “investigating” it… But it’s been 2 months since they were “investigating” it. And the gig is STILL LIVE!


I’m not sure then, they review each report; on a case by case basis, it’s always best to follow up if you get no response to your original ticket.


We did follow up… Still no request :confused:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: oh you’re right tho! :o

but to get the information from the seller, to send the cease and desist, he’d need the contact information of the seller!

idk if the owner did a DMCA thing tho :3


Someone sold me a copyrighted logo, claiming he made it, who do I report this fragglesrock to?


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some seller sold me a copyrighted wordpress theme


lol…How do except someone’s logo? Doesn’t it have your name on it or something? Do you have the same name as someone else.


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Thats really scary to think about. Thank you for sharing this, so i can be more aware when purchasing on fiverr!


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I´ve once reported someone by writing the customer support.

I quickly got an email back.

" Hi there,

The category is okay. It’s the closest thing for now at least. :slight_smile:

We’re looking into this seller and will take action as needed.

Kind regards,


Yes they do something, but not all gigs are obviously selling copyrighted content. In my case they were cropped images where the seller claimed to "write on her boobs or bum"

I saw that the images were horrible photoshopped and did a reverse image search via Google. One of the images was from a P0rnstar, the other one from some barely known girl.


I have found two gigs that not only sell pirated copies of my copyrighted eBook, but they even use MY copyrighted website sales page to advertise MY book!

One has been taken down because the seller foolishly included another product from a big name business. I took the easy way out, told them about it, and with their big name influence they had it offline in one day, including my book.

The process of sending MCPAs is time consuming, and sites such as fiverr could save copyright owners the hassle of completing and sending complex documents. In my case, all they would have to do when infringements are reported is to click on the website where I have been selling my book for well over a year.