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Selling Different Service than Actual Service on a Gig

TL;DR: Is it allowed to sell for example an English to German translation service on an Italian to German translation gig?


I manage a small translation team here on Fiverr.
Our English to German translation Gig already has over 50 reviews and we decided to start offering Italian to German translations a few months ago. However, we haven’t received any orders there yet.
Would it be allowed to ask one of our returning English to German translation clients to order on the Italian to German gig so that we have a higher chance of getting a few first actual clients on the gig? Or would these count as fake reviews?

Thank you,

I wouldn’t risk it, Matteo. Quite apart from maybe alienating your existing clients, it may be seen as manipulating reviews - a warning offence.


Thank you for the fast reply.
Okay, I agree, I’ll try finding some clients with buyer requests then.

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