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Selling gigs for coaches?


Ok, so I’m new here, trying to sell some gigs as a career coach. My gigs are mostly coaching sessions, however, when someone buys a gig, it requires me to upload something in order to “complete” the order. How do I get around this??


It isn’t mandatory for you to upload a file to deliver and complete the gig; it will warn you but will still let you do it.

However, if you want to get around this then you could create a kind of delivery note. Thanks for ordering, summary of the coaching maybe; upselling other gigs.


You don’t need to attach files, if that’s what you mean.


Strange! When I tried to submit the other day it wouldn’t let me do it and I thought it was because I hadn’t attached anything. However, it now seems to be allowing me to submit no problem without an attachment. Thanks!