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Selling issues: I have not seen any buyers since I joined

Hello friend! I have not seen any buyers since I joined fiverr. My gig title is catchy and the description is superb. But I have not receive any message since not to talk of order.

Please help me with suggestions. I am a scriptwriter.

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Perhaps you are not reaching out to your customers and convincing them to hire you. Sitting back and waiting for success to happen is a terrible business strategy. Get out there and MAKE it happen!


How Will I do this. Through buyers request? I have sent a lot of buyers request but no message. If there are other tricks please let me know.

Where are your customers located online, offline, on other websites, in internet search engines? Figure this out, and then you will know where to promote your services, and who you should promote them to. If you’re not finding buyers in the Buyers Request section, then clearly, your target customers are not located in the BR section.

Go where your customers are located.

Okay sir. Thanks. I will look into that area.

Great advice, thank you

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Good advice, Thanks a lot

I get the feeling that it is because of the grammatical errors in your
description. I would expect a perfectly written ( double-checking before posting it too) description especially if the person is offering a writing gig.
Please don’t get me wrong, I think the overall description is fine, but what separates you
from other successful writer is how accurate your grammar is.
Perhaps you can try offering different gigs?