Selling mature content


In the terms of service i couldn’t find anything about selling mature content.
I’m an illustrator and would like to sell my content just like this writer is:
[link not necessary - Moderator removed link to a gig for adult-oriented writing]


Don’t take my word for it because I don’t know about illustration, but I’ve seen a fair number of writers selling erotica so I think it’s allowed. It’s probably a good idea not to use actual explicit images as your gig images or anything, though, since those are public-facing and all.


The content i’l be sending my clients will automatically be uploaded to my gallery. So i’d be advertising with mature content if i like it or not.


I think you can turn that feature off?

Obviously they would make for good samples for the people who are looking specifically for mature illustrations, I just don’t know the rules about NSFW things being displayed openly on Fiverr. They might not want people stumbling onto them if they’re just looking for non-NSFW illustrations. I feel like it’s probably better to take the safe route and not get too explicit on the actual Fiverr page itself.


Suggest you check out the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page. There is a reference to “adult oriented services” there.