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Selling OLD 3D model on fiver?


Today I saw a gig, in which Buyer is selling their OLD 3D model.

Is it ok, to sell old 3D model on fiverr ??? Feeling Curious :confused:


Why would it not be okay? You sell 3D models! :wink:

1/10 for gig promotion! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh no, you take me wrong :confused: , i didn’t sell any model, neither i have any plan to do it in future. I just saw that gig and asked my question.
i am curious because Fiverr is not for selling 3d models. There are others sites already. Will that buyer get any notice from fiverr TOS ??


Here’s one of your gig titles: I Will Make Any 3d Model With Uvmapping

Why would anybody get a notice from Fiverr about ToS?


i’ll make 3D model, but it doesn’t I sell my previous 3D model.

That Gig tile was “I will Sell this car model”


I’m sorry - I really don’t understand the difference between you selling a 3D model and somebody else selling a 3D model, unless there’s a copyright issue?


You saw your own gig. This question is a nonsense question.


I think , you people did not understand what i want to say :frowning:


Sincere apologies - I tried my best.


yes you tried, but it’s ok :slight_smile:


You are very tactful and patient. :slight_smile:


Yes he really have. Thanks @offlinehelpers :slight_smile:


Are 3DD models taboo or something?


It was a Car model …


Oh, I see, perhaps ask CS.


Do you mean someone is selling their 3D printer?


Ok, thanks for your help :slight_smile: