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Selling on fiver and PIPEDA and other personal info (Legal question)

I have a question, I am aware I would probably need to seek legal advice before selling on fiver, but where I live in Canada and when dealing with my personal website their is a law called PIPEDA where organizations running a business in my country is obligated to keep my business practices account to these laws, my issue is when using fiver, since its not my website, nor do I handle clients personal info directly im wondering if these laws still apply, then I wonder if there are other countries that have other laws that I have to be obligated to make sure I follow. what I mean is when handing a customer from a certain country generally those countries have laws that business have to comply with when handling personal info or general info when dealing with them. I hope I can find a resolution so I can start using fiver without worrying about these issues.

We explained to you yesterday - Fiverr takes everything like that out of our hands - you don’t need to worry about it.

All you need to know is their username - nothing else.

We work within Fiverr’s rules, not our own countries’ rules, so it’s all good. :sunny:

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As offlinehelpers said, this site is an international site. You are using this site’s selling platform. Because 1. it is an international website, and 2. It is not YOUR own personal site, all the local things you are worrying about do not apply to you.

I can assure you that since I have been selling here for over five years, there has not been one time I have had to concern myself with the types of laws you are talking about. Most of the time I have no idea what country a buyer is in, nor do I care.