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Selling on Fiverr is the same game as selling on Amazon. KEYWORDS!


Thank you for reading this. Here’s my situation -

I have been on the buyer’s side of the fiverr for a while now. But earlier today I opened a gig to start helping people with creating their Shopify store. The reason why I decided to offer my service is because over time I have created and built numerous Shopify stores for my own businesses. I am a passionate entrepreneur so I usually spend my days listening to podcasts and reading blogs about how to market and scale e-commerce, shopify apps, other e-retail related news and etc. So I thought why not give it a shot.

I am a patient person and I know it takes time and effort to achieve things. And I am not expecting to wake up next day and see 100 orders pending on my fiverr. However, what I am a little surprised about is the amount of impressions I noticed my gig got. Which is basically 0 !! Now as you may know without impression you are basically selling your service in a ghost town. Having ideas about keywords, I optimized my gig to attract clicks based on the service I am offering. Still no impression…

Any tips from anybody who has been or is still in my position will be greatly appreciated.



It takes some time for the impressions to start registering, I think.


False. You do not need impressions on this site to be successful. Figure out who your customers, where they are located, and go tell them about your services. It is extraordinarily lazy to expect other people – to expect the Fiverr search engine – to be your only source of traffic. Get out there and FIND your customers (just like every other business has to do). :wink:


I guess. Also considering Fiverr only gives you an option of 5 tags, I’d assume they have to be very well targeted.


By “extraordinarily lazy” if you are indicating me then I am not sure if you read my entire post. Nowhere did I mention I am relying solely on Fiverr’s algorithm to find me leads. I understand the grinds it takes to find sales. I see you are preaching this in a lot of other topics too. It’s good advise for people it applies to. But not me. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


As you must know, it takes some time, a few days at least, to start getting impressions on your gig.
You won’t get them the same day you create it.


Thank you ! Appreciate it.


I know these seems unfair, but at $115, you first sale may never come.

I make quite a living on Fiverr, but the first 10 orders I did for $5 each - projects which took me 2 to 6 hours to complete. It took just a week to get those orders because the amount work I was promising for $5 was absurd.

Once I got that level-1 badge, I put my prices at something fair (many times higher than $5), but that early work is what made it possible.

I’m sure your work is worth well more than $115, but with no reviews, I wager than no one will be willing to take a chance on you.


I know what you mean and I have thought about it too when I was creating the gig. I will probably lower the rate soon. But pricing your product/service can be tricky. Fixing it too low can make a potential buyer question the authenticity of the seller. Considering I personally have been in the recipient’s end of scam many times in here.

Also I have noticed that it mentions I have been on Fiverr since 2016. Well I have, but I only started selling today. This can also be a turn off for a visitor wondering how I don’t have a single review in almost 2 years.


As selfors said, it is a slow process of first getting good reviews before you can charge more.

I have been here five years and spent over two years at first mostly doing $5 orders, and still do them sometimes. You have to be willing to do work worth much more and basically giving it away for a while for only $5 before you can raise your prices.


Perhaps you did not accurately read my response. :wink:


I was on Fiverr since 2014 as a buyer, but I only started selling in January. I don’t want to share what I make now, but I am certainly in the 95th percentile around here. In other words, for me, it was worth the sacrifice. (My wife thought I was crazy to work 50 hours in a week on a side hustle paying a total of $50.)

To keep buyers from thinking you’re odd for being so cheap, explain in your gig, “This offer is for 10 to 20 hours worth of work for $5. Why does that make sense for me? Because Fiverr is the #1 freelance platform in the world, and your 5-star rating will make all the difference for me here.”


In addition to what the others have said, I suggest that you consider creating a couple of other gigs with Shopify related services. This can work towards your credibility and give you a place where you can do smaller jobs at a lower price and give people the chance to “test you out”.


You are actually giving the tips I would probably pay to hear. Thank you !!


As we speak, I am actually creating another gig to offer customizations of already created Shopify stores.


Regarding the title of this thread, that used to be the case but there was a big change to the algorithm a few months ago and we were told that now the only thing that matters is our tags.

Since then there has been mass confusion on this subject.




I took the same approach when I started. My goal wasn’t revenues. My goal was to level up fast and rack up a lot of 5-star reviews. I did $5 projects until I made level 2. Then, I steadily raised my prices.

Like @selfors, I make a good living from Fiverr. But, before I could charge what I was worth I had to earn the trust of the market.


Indeed you do make a good living. You have TRS and Pro badges. I sort of star struck (mostly by the TRS badge, and the number of ratings). And I notice you have one of only handful of Pro gigs that has more than a handful (or any) reviews. If I could ask, was that a Pro gig when you launched it, or did they add the badge to an existing gig?


I currently have 2 Pro gigs. I created them both specifically for the Pro program. Pro buyers seem less likely to leave reviews. I’m not sure why.