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Selling on Fiverr, one year later


A quote from my last year post (March, 28th)

"I sell origami on Fiverr. So far I had a good amount of sales, with $13 being an average sale.

Now, this week a citrus company contacted me, asking if I could desgin ‘a way to fold tissue paper in a consistent and relatively quick manner to package gift fruit to mail specifically limes’.

At first, I thought I wasn’t able to do this job, but I gave it a go! I designed two models, which are easy to fold, and have a nice presentation. When I send them my designs, they were extraordinary happy with the result, and offered me $190 for the job I did for them :slight_smile:.

Just wanted to share this story, since it got me thrilled to work even harder in the future!"

About one year later, February the 25th, my average selling price is $43,48, with a great amount of orders. Things are looking great…!
Back in ‘the day’ I would only sell some cranes here and there for $5, now I often get triple digit orders. Besides Fiverr, I put in more effort in building my social media. Through Fiverr I have acquired many new contacts, which helped me further along the road. Clothing brands, models, bloggers, fruit companies, brides & grooms, writers, you name it; somehow they found something in the service I offer.
Besides Fiverr I’ve also build up a nice, (more) steady income, namely through making videos.

How did I do it you may ask? Trial and error. At first I did not know what in God’s name I was doing. A hobby, it was. Nothing more, nothing less. After some time though, (especially around September-November) I found out that this niche I was working in was (and still is) quite new. Instead of folding and sending origami models around the world, I prioritised making DIY videos more than any other service. It payed off. An extraordinary amount of bloggers/DIY sites contacted me to make videos, or photos. Besides making videos, clothing brands and other individuals contacted me for really interesting projects. Instead of working six hours for $50, I now make ±$25-30 per hour.

I have to say that the SEO Fiverr gives to their sellers truly helped me a lot. I realised that this is the reason why Fiverr takes such a ‘huge’ 20% cut. Without this platform, it’s so much harder to publicity and to get recognized. This is a thing I’m very grateful for.

I just wanted to share this progress, since I think this could give motivation to some sellers who have no idea what they’re doing. I didn’t have any idea either. Everyone who has a successful bussiness, got there through trial and error. Nothing is certain, and you’ll face many surprises. But that’s the fun of it! Keep doing what you love, and put the work in. Things will eventually work out!

I’m not really the writing type of guy, but thought I’d give it a go, haha :smile:

Have a great day everyone!


Really informative …
Thanks for sharing .:grinning:


No problem! :slight_smile:


It’s really cool that you’re successful with origami here! I thought by far the most people are coming for digital services. Trying to imagine how that works, do you have issues related to the shipping of physical products, like products arriving at the customers later than estimated, so that you’d need the customer to notice and accept a time extension request? Or do you deliver the gig when you ship the products instead of when they arrive at the customers or do you send a folding diagram as the gig delivery?


Very informative. I have learn many things from your post.


I work as the following: most of my clients message me beforehand, what they want to have made/done. Based on that, I make an estimation on the delivery time, etc. I always update the buyer so that they are up to date with the process of making the end product. This way I keep myself happy, and the client. I finish the order when I ship the package to its destination, and I always show the ‘proof of sending’. Everything is carefully packaged, though I had some cases where the package was opened (sometimes damaged) by customs.

About digital services; most of my money is earned by digital services. Things like videos and photos are very profitable, but also other projects of course.


I’m glad you did @musfakur!


I see, thanks for the elaboration, very interesting. Glad it worked out so well for you. To the next year! (no paper cranes in the emoji list, alas, but this should work too:) :cherry_blossom:


That is a great story. Congratulations on your success! Keep up the good work!