Selling on Fiverr


Hi there,

I am new to Fiverr and am struggling to get my first sale. Have you got any tips please? Thanks


Use buyers request option…


The buyers’ requests are mostly posted by sellers, as they state that they are looking for jobs as translators, proofreaders, etc


Hey There @i_shalt_writeth
you have 10 offer right?
1 offer = to unlimited quotes
go to send offer
send him/her offer once you did
go to “SEND OFFERS” at the left side
search his/her name
message him/her.

that’s it.

NEVER ever post on buyer request


I am really disappointed by some seller
almost 80% are came from seller posting on buyer request
20% came from buyers.


have they read the TOS?


That’s true @hardbearded996 the majority are from sellers


Here Are Some Tips For You ( Though I’m New Here Too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

  • Make A Catchy Name For Your Gig.

  • Write A Professional Description For Your Gig.

  • Add Catchy Picture To Your Gig.

  • Offer Better Proposal Than The Top Rated And Featured Sellers.

  • Always Keep An Eye On Your Competitors Who Sell The Same Type Gigs. Check What They Offer. Then Update Yourself.

  • Use Buyer Request Section Properly.

Till Now These Are Enough For You I Presume.:slight_smile:


lol that means Fiverr has reached a point when too many sellers are crowded on this platform more than buyers can who would order from them.

Too much (and low quality )supply… but low demand


Hi ! i am a new seller on fiverr. Do you have any tips to get more work.thanks.


Does it really work?


I am also a new seller when you know about this please tell me also


few months.but carry on you may be succed


His account not active :sunny:


whose account buddy. thanks


Post author account :sunny:


That’s good , but improve your gig images demand (i mean quality)


thank you very much for suggesting


You’re welcome :blush: