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Hi there,

I am new to Fiverr and am struggling to get my first sale. Have you got any tips please? Thanks


Use buyers request option…

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The buyers’ requests are mostly posted by sellers, as they state that they are looking for jobs as translators, proofreaders, etc


Hey There @i_shalt_writeth
you have 10 offer right?
1 offer = to unlimited quotes
go to send offer
send him/her offer once you did
go to “SEND OFFERS” at the left side
search his/her name
message him/her.

that’s it.

NEVER ever post on buyer request


I am really disappointed by some seller
almost 80% are came from seller posting on buyer request
20% came from buyers.


have they read the TOS?

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That’s true @hardbearded996 the majority are from sellers


Here Are Some Tips For You ( Though I’m New Here Too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

  • Make A Catchy Name For Your Gig.

  • Write A Professional Description For Your Gig.

  • Add Catchy Picture To Your Gig.

  • Offer Better Proposal Than The Top Rated And Featured Sellers.

  • Always Keep An Eye On Your Competitors Who Sell The Same Type Gigs. Check What They Offer. Then Update Yourself.

  • Use Buyer Request Section Properly.

Till Now These Are Enough For You I Presume.:slight_smile:

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lol that means Fiverr has reached a point when too many sellers are crowded on this platform more than buyers can who would order from them.

Too much (and low quality )supply… but low demand

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Hi ! i am a new seller on fiverr. Do you have any tips to get more work.thanks.

Does it really work?

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I am also a new seller when you know about this please tell me also

few months.but carry on you may be succed

His account not active :sunny:

whose account buddy. thanks

Post author account :sunny:

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That’s good , but improve your gig images demand (i mean quality)

thank you very much for suggesting

You’re welcome :blush:

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