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Selling online lessons on Fiverr

Hello Everybody,
I put a post just like this one before, but I am afraid that even though I am getting customers, it’s not really enough. People are always saying that to succeed on Fiverr, your service has to be in-demand in the real world. So I am a bit confused because what I offer, teaching kids coding online is super in-demand with COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the fact that summer is starting, and not many camps are opening. Since I’ve only taught about 5 kids, and I don’t know whether I should be staying on Fiverr. I’ve come up with something that is very necessary in these times for kids, and I feel there should be a better place compared to Fiverr. Also, I don’t think I am open to pre-recorded lesson services like Udemy or Skillshare.




You should do very well! I do online lessons and I have done well.

Why not expand and do more gigs? Add gigs for adult beginners as well! Try and do as many gigs as you can in the online teaching/programming line. If you know other languages, teach each individually (individual gigs)! The more gigs you make the more exposure.

Also, make a more attractive gig picture and customize them, so that they have a similar look.
Make your gig heading more direct, otherwise, it isn’t seen when people search. eg. I teach Python to children online. or I teach computer programming to children online.
Look at the gig tags, you are allowed 5 tags eg. (children; online teaching; programming, python, teaching) These tags direct people to your gig when they search.
Look at buyer request every hour!

I think you have an awesome idea!!!

Interesting. I have not seen people offering services like this here. Fiverr has its academy for adults. I think you should consider pre-recorded options. I know some people who use those as a way to offer free courses and build e ma i l lists. I am not sure Fiverr is the right market place for this service now. But, it does not mean you should give up either. This platform is always changing and you may on to something yet to catch on here.

Fiverr has a new online language lessons option, in the Writing and Translation section and online lessons in the Life Style section. I don’t offer free lessons. The first lesson free is an evaluation lesson which comes with a paid order and has been verified with Fiverr.

You are completely right! I think I need to make more courses that are slightly different. I myself am a high school student, and have enjoyed to teach those younger than me for some time now through being a camp counselor and working at programs at my school. I think if a customer is looking for online coding classes for their child, they will most likely find my gig, as it isn’t too popular on Fiverr. In my previous forum post, someone responded by saying parents don’t go to Fiverr for coding lessons, and kids aren’t just browsing on Fiverr. So I think its less about the gig itself, and more about the fact that even though I found my niche on Fiverr, how can I advertise my service at more places online.

Make a website or a blog post, and make a Facebook Page. You can also advertise your services here on the forum under My Fiverr Gigs. The only place you are allowed to leave your link on the Fiverr Forum. Also, with lessons, customers come back to expand more. So once you have a customer, they are likely to come back again. There are a lot of children who are very interested in coding. It is the way to go! My son taught himself.