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Selling price gig

I noticed that it’s not possible anymore to set a selling price higher than 5$, like 25$ or 50$, what is up with that?

Do you mean that you had the option to set a gig’s starting price at $25 or that you’ve lost your gigs’ extras?

Maybe the beta testing they were doing on the pricing is going away in some places?

I offer music remixes/creation gigs, this is something I cannot offer for just 5$, for 5$ I have to offer a 10 sec demo, and for the full remix for more. I was so happy to see the option to set a different prize than 5$ so that I could get rid of this slightly annoying 5$ offer. But it only lasted for a few days until the 5$ was fixed again.

Reply to @sincere18: That’s a good point. I remember seeing people talking a lot about it and one person who seemed to be doing really well with the higher priced gigs. After a while I stopped seeing happy posts about it and I can’t recall now which person I checked, but one of the happy ones that I clicked on had 0 in queue and a last delivery weeks ago. I don’t know if buyers tired of it and it’s gone now or if they switched or cut out some categories that had it.