Selling Rules On Changing Prices mid transaction and Fiverr Rules on BAIT advertising?


I have had a number of sellers who I have engage for jobs and while their price has seemed good to fair in most instances in some areas I am using people for these jobs there is a habit of changing pirce as soon as the deal is started or just before the deadline is finished.

This for me has been in manual data entry.

my reponse has been do as much as you can and I will then create another job if you speed and efficiency is good enough but all seem to want to adjust a price then and there and try to cancel the order as a global price couldnt be worked out up front - all ask and then push on what your budget is, which is a clear sign they are trying to bait and switch the price in my opinion.



Agree a price and what is to be done before ordering when it is for things like data entry. If they then ask to change the price say no. If they insist then cancel. You may have to do this a number of times but when you find someone you like, just stick with them then.

Fiverr allows price increases if the work is different to what is described and especially if you add things to what you submitted in the gig requirements. If you have this happen an awful lot, I suspect you should look at what you are asking to have done and if you are being realistic in what you require at a price.

Asking for budget is a normal practice in many industries and cultures. You have no idea how many buyers start a discussion with loads of details and requirements which we discuss in detail, only to be told that they are not willing to spend even a tenth of what they should be paying. For that reason, even though I hate being asked for my budget, in my country it almost never happens, I actually ask for a budget or else give an “average cost indication” to them very early on in the conversation. I wasted an hour with a guy recently who wanted $150 of work for $10. This can happen often. Asking for a budget is not a sign they are trying to bait and switch - the particular seller may be - but you need to at least indicate something sometimes.


Appreciate it. That’s called good explanation.