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Selling Seniority is showing 10 days always

Hello guys,

Please help with this problem faced on fiverr. I completed 2 weeks on Fiverr but It showing 10 days from a long time in selling si]eniority section. Why?

Please tell me guys how to fix this?

Thank you



(I must ask: does it really matter in the long-term if it’s off by a few days?)


But it matters, why it is showing fake? That should be knowing.

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Meanwhile thank you @imagination7413 , I will report it to CS

If you mean it matters for the ‘Seniority’ in analytics, then once you pass the 60-day mark, it doesn’t keep track of how many days you’ve been signed up for. Thus, after 64 days (in your case) it literally doesn’t matter if you’ve been on for 60 days or 360 days.

Okay… So should I close this topic or continue. I have reported to CS