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Selling Seniority

Hello, what does Selling Seniority means? would be any effect if I buy a service from my seller account by switching as a buyer.

Any Fiverr member can be both a seller and a buyer. There is no effect on your account for buying from other sellers on Fiverr.

I make purchases off and on. It is good to do so because then you can see what the buyer sees when they place an order.


Selling seniority is the number of days that you spend on fiverr after publishing your first gig. It’s basically a calculation to reach a senior level as a seller.

You can not buy from yourself to game the system if that is what you are thinking.

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ThankYou is really helpful.

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Be positive i am not thinking like this. ThankYou

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It was hard to tell from the way you phased your sentence. It will be positive for you if you read threads and interact with others on the Forum to improve your English syntax. That can only help you interact with your future buyers because many buyers will not make purchases from someone whose English skills are not top notch.

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Alright! Thanks for you suggestions.