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Selling Service other Than Listed Gigs

Is it allowed to sell Service other Than your Listed Gig. for example
you have gigs of video editing and you offer the client to make their websites.

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I looked over the Fiverr ToS to see if I could find an answer to that.

I thought the logical solution would be to offer those additional services as a Gig Extra.

This is what the ToS says about that:

"Services offered through Gig Extras must be related to the base service and part of the deliverables on the Order."

So I think that in order to answer your question, I’m going to use some logic.

Why not create Gigs with those additional services you have?

It makes sense to me and that way you’ll have more active Gigs available so Buyers can 'bundle" orders with you, if they so desired.

Make sense?

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yes making new Gig makes sense

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So if my core Gig is as a Hitman, I can’t offer to help old ladies cross the street (unless using them as cover)? Good to know.

It does make sense that anything you do should have a reasonable relationship with what your Gig/s are about. Otherwise it is much harder

  • a) for customers to know if the seller is likely capable/qualified and
  • b) to keep track of what services are really being delivered - which could be interesting if:

I will help old ladies to cross the road in political and corporate hot-spots $5. Please give me 12 hours notice to fly over for your road crossing.

when in actual fact I am dealing un unsanctioned deaths :thinking:
(please note this may not be entirely legal in most countries)


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