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Selling services on Fiver from Canada


Hello I’m from Canada. I wanted to join fiver to deal with Audio mixing. I do have some concerns in regards to sales tax, and dealing with customers in different countries. In regards to that I assume fiver will handle any sales tax on the backend. Does fiver take the payments from my clients and then I get the funds from fiver after the service is completed.

And also. When using fiver am I able to use my own upload link for clients to send me files. How safe or secure is the fiver platform in regards to keeping my clients files safe and secure.


Here are Fiverr’s Terms of Service (they also explain how Fiverr works):

This is another useful link if you wish to learn more about Fiverr:

Buyers pay Fiverr, and you can withdraw the funds 2 weeks after the order was marked as complete.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service state that all the information and material exchange must go through Fiverr. Buyers can upload their files on the order page, and when delivering work, you click on Deliver Now button on the order page, upload the work, and add a message for the buyer. If the files are too large, Customer Support usually recommends DropBox.