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Selling Spam in Buyer Requests

Please remove all selling spam in the Buyer Requests module/page(s). They were moderately annoying to start with, but have increased to such an extent they are now starting to swamp the area. Begging for business should have no place anywhere on fiverr, but certainly not in ‘Buyer Requests’.

It will get worse until something is done about it; the section is obviously moderated so mods do your job or pass the responsibility over to someone else.

Grumpy Best,

Candi x

RIGHT!!! I totally agree!! It has gotten overwhelming frustrating to have to sort through those, plus the fact that people are actually responding to them makes it even worse. Those people should know how Fiverr works, so there’s no excuse to be putting their gigs in that area.

Yeah, there is a tendency toward sellers blindly throwing offers at any and all requests they see. Just to see if any of them “stick” Really can’t blame them though. Fiverr has made it impossible to tailor their offers.