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Selling stationery

Some of my gig’s will be selling greeting cards, stationery, postcards, etc. I also will be personalizing to order.

Once a gig is sold, am I responsible for the printing or just sending the completed file to the buyer?

I would love to print each item out - however, I just need the answer!

Thanks so much!



You could potentially run it either way. Most gigs are digital only, however some categories have the option of shipping physical products. Find what you enjoy, what works on Fiverr, and what’s profitable!

Thank you so much!

I just want to make it easy for both myself and the buyer.

Good luck to you and again, thanks!


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You’re welcome.

Also, see for more info. There’s still an issue I see with shipped gigs that no-one seems to have the answer to; that being, do you “deliver” the order when the work is completed or once it’s arrived or what? I hope you can find the answer.

Happy freelancing!

If you’re going to sell physical items, I would suggest to make as much custom offers as you can. The reason for this is that the maximum shipping fee you can ask is $8. With custom offers, you can include the shipping fee with the price of the product you sell.

I learned this the harder way :slight_smile:

Wish you the best of luck!


Or, if you’re expecting shipping prices to be $5+, subtract multiples of 5 from the shipping cost and just add those into the gig cost potentially?

Hmm, could also be an option, yes :smile:

That’s a great idea! Never thought of that one! Thanks!

Can you answer this for me - if let’s say I sell a gig for Christmas greeting cards and the design, photo, etc. is mine. Do I still have the rights to the images or does the buyer now own it?



You can choose whether you want to retain the rights or sell them. In a lot of categories like design, music, etc. this is something creators can charge a lot for.

I just advise specifying well what you’re giving them to avoid issues.

Fiverr isn’t an ideal set for shipped goods although it can be done. It’s difficult since it might take more than a month to ship overseas and you can’t wait that long to mark it as delivered. You can always test it out, though I don’t think I’ve seen an extremely successful gig that requires physical shipping. Who knows?

I don’t think Fiverr specifies what you have to do. It’s tricky. If you mark it as delivered when you ship it and the order auto-completes in 3 days before the item arrives, a buyer could get upset that they haven’t received an item yet. If they panic they might leave a negative review or ask to cancel the order. If you wait until the item arrives, you’d have to either trust the buyer to be honest about the item arrival or you’d have to use a delivery method with a tracking number. A signature would be even more secure. The fancier the shipping system, the more expensive it is.

I’ve thought about offering a free shipped item as a bonus to a digital delivery so that I can mark it delivered when I send the digital item but also mail an item to the buyer as a bonus. I am not sure if Fiverr would allow that, though.

That’s good info!

@wooden_fish mostly answered this, but to add clarity, the Terms of Service says that the buyer owns all the rights unless you specify otherwise. Typical buyers expect to own at least all the personal rights and not have duplicates of the time delivered to other people, so you need to be really precise in your wording if you plan to send the same digital item to multiple buyers. It can be done, with care.

Many sellers offer the personal rights for free but they charge extra if the buyer wants commercial rights. That way the buyer is supposed to pay extra if they want to resell the design. The only tough part about this is that it is hard to enforce.

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Good points. I think Fiverr either needs to ditch or revamp the whole shipping thing. At this point, it’s just not really worth using.