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Selling Subscriptions on Fiverr?

Hey guys, can’t find a clear answer in the TOS so here it goes…

I want to sell an ongoing subscription service through Fiverr. I know Fiverr says that no service should last longer than 30 days, but it’s stupidly redundant for my customers to have to renew service every 30 days.

With that said, is there a way to apply recurring charges? If not, is it allowed to bundle the timeframe to 90 days or more if it’s clear in the listing?

For example:
Subscription 1: $5 for 1 month
Subscription 2: $15 for 3 months
Subscription 3: $30 for 6 months


No - no recurring charges - it just can’t be done with the Fiverr model I’m afraid.

I absolutely agree with you. Fiverr is a gig economy.

You can create a special page with the given amount of money that must be paid and simply send out the link for payment every 29 days.

Image below for reference:

:bulb: Joe

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Great idea, Thanks for sharing with us.

No you can not.

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