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Selling while in school?

I was wondering if there were many others like me, selling on Fiverr while in college or school in general. I have many Gig ideas for little things that I know I’m good at, but a few of those ideas relate to writing and I feel that nobody would take me seriously as a writer given that I am young. In general, I feel very intimidated sometimes in that I worry if I’m too inexperienced for working here, despite having practiced what I sell and what I could sell for around 4 years now. That said, I use my earnings on Fiverr for college tuition and housing (which is insane) and am just looking to help people. Any other students making ends meet with Fiverr? Just curious as to what your thoughts are regarding being both a student and a seller. :slight_smile:


Kudos! you’ve come to know about Fiverr when you’re in schools, tells me that you’ve a lot of time to get success here.

All the best.

I’ve seen uni students have gigs where they post flyers all over their university. Might be an idea for you to try.

I started Fiverr the summer after graduating high school, and it’s a great job for college! I work with professionals on a regular basis and for the most part, they’re great! There’s always the occasional buyer who is condescending and makes an insult about my age, but that’s rare. If you’re going to do videos, people will obviously see how old you are. If you’re just writing though, nobody has to know! I just found out that one of the top writers on the site, Ryan G-something, is young as well. Never would have known!

Reply to @alliemadison12: How old is Ryan G? I would have guessed 30s or even 40s?


I looked at your profile to try to help you… but I see NO writing gig?

I started Fiverr when I was fourteen, and have made quite a lot of progress! I believe anyone can have a successful Fiverr gig if they really enjoy and are good at what they offer. Best of luck with your writing. :slight_smile:

Reply to @its_ace: 14! that’s awesome, I was very entreprenuerial at that age but alas that was back in 1994 and the internet wasn’t even established at all then let alone any sites like Fiverr.

Reply to @regency85: Indeed, I haven’t created those gigs because I fear no one would want to use it and it may be a waste of my effort to put it together!

Reply to @creativeman: I’ve seen gigs like that; I just might! Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for the support and advice… I can’t wait for the fall semester to start so I can take advantage of my university resources to help out my gigs!

I’m currently in a graduate/professional program and I started doing transcription work on fiverr recently just to have some sort of cash coming in for the summer. I don’t think I could ever use it to make significant money (proper transcription takes a long time for me) and I’ll probably have to stop once classes start but for now it’s nice.

I’m also in a graduate programme, but I started on Fiverr back when I was finishing my undergraduate studies. I felt it was a great way to practice my skills and make some money that would help me “survive” my summer and then later on buy the textbooks I need and the train card to get to university (I’m a commuter)

I feel like you shouldn’t be under so much pressure about what other people think here. If you do your job well and are serious, people will think that about you no matter your age. The market seems to want young people with years of experience in their field, which is unrealistic. I think Fiverr is a great place for us students to practice the skills we are learning. Granted, it’s not for that much money but when the opportunity for a better job comes we can at least say "yes, I’ve been working with that for 20 different clients as a freelancer."

Best of luck!

I myself just finished high-school one month ago, and started Fiverr 3 months ago from now. You have nothing to be ashamed of if you really know what you are doing. As a beginner, you should give your clients the opportunity to get several free reviews in order to become more experienced and to get a better idea of what people are looking for through your gig. I myself play the guitar since more than ten years and have many skills in audio stuffs: composing, recording, playing, audio-editing and much more, and Fiverr is a good way for me to get more experience in those field because my customers are asking me to do things I won’t have done without Fiverr (For example, someone once ask me for a guitar recording as cytar, using indian scales, and I never done such thing before, though, I learned many things through this work). So in time, Fiverr will let you earn some bucks but many experience, and that’s the point! All you got to do is to give your customers the best you can, even though the few bucks you will get are not worth the time you spend working on this!

The experience is definitely one of the best reasons to use Fiverr, because I can do what I enjoy and get better at it while making a little bit. I also just finished high school and only started about 3-4 months ago! And I’m hoping this will also go toward my textbook expenses… not looking forward to that!

but i am in middle school how do i be a seller on fiverr?, it ask you about where do you go to college and stuff

you dont need to add that stuff. i am also in middle school. i only added the country and it worked for me. just add a skill though

you dont need to add that stuff. just select country and add a skill and you should be good