Sells my gigs


I , m graphic designer. I want to sells my gigs. Thank you.




Good start :slight_smile:

Do some professional designs with good quality


Thank you. :-h


whats the reason oders are doesn,t or me? :-S


Well…you need to improve your designs. No one answered you here…or on your gigs simply because they look like they were “designed” by a 4 year old with some colored pencils on a piece of paper. I don’t want to be rude or something, but you need to do them professionally if you want to attract customers. I kinda doubt about the 5 years experience… :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I have to agree, your designs are pretty poor - but so are everyone’s when they start out, trust me - even me.

Shoot me a message on fiverr, I’ll be happy to answer any questions / provide feedback and tips of what you can do to make your designs better!


I tend to agree.

Here’s some points.

Aside from your examples, you need to get somebody to proof read your gigs.

I guess English isn’t your first language. But most of the buyers speak it.

Grammar on your gigs is very important. Look around the forum. Someone can help.

As for your designs themselves. You need to fine tune your craft. It’s not so much that the designs themselves are bad, but the colors you use are really bad. (The Yellow one hurts my eyes everytime I scroll past it). Also, I notice on your gigs that you have design examples. The one I looked at had a scaled ornament. And it’s pixelated and grainy. But only the ornament is and not the rest. That’s the first thing a graphic designer learns is how to present images. Don’t scale things if they look grainy like that.

Just keep practicing and maybe look online for a color chart so you can see what colors are eye pleasing in contrast to eachother.


Yes Thushari they all people right :slight_smile:

u can do professional something try and try one day u can fly :slight_smile:


අනේ මල්ලි මට මේ ජොබ් එක කරන හැටි දන්නවා නම් කියල දෙන්නකෝ. plz


i will advertise your gigs for you. contact me.


Well you’ve taken the first step, and that placing your gigs here on fiverr, and if you are interested in taken things to the next level I advise you to try fragglesrock it is probably what you’re looking for. Good luck.



Posting other sites is against the rules here.

You already know this because you’ve been warned a few times it seems.

And. fragglerock is nothing. It’s not even rated. It’s a brand new site.

If you’re looking to get traffic than breaking the rules and spamming won’t get you any. It will actually make people stay away from your site. Like me now.