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"Send a Custom Offer" is a Great Way to Attract New Buyers [ARCHIVED]

I am a successful Level 2 seller here on fiverr since 2 years and sharing my experience of using “Send a Custom Offer” here on fiverr.

My, 1 of every 10th buyer always ask me (how to order or send you this specific amount?) we agree during conversation and discussing job. I always used to generate “Send a Custom Offer” for them of a specific money we agreed for the job, so the job gets done on fiverr and we both have ease of mind. So I do not need to spend mony time to show them how to order, if they are new to fiverr.

That’s it!

Yes, It is very useful for both buyers and sellers.

It’s a great feature, indeed :slight_smile:

Yes that is a great idea, I am kind of wary of doing that but as how you stated it that way I can do that. Thanks.

Yes. It’s really helps attract new buyers and develop your reputation… Custom offer definitely increase your ratings too…

Now that fiverr has provided the ability to link the custom offer to a specific gig, it’s much better now. My complaint use be that custom quote orders wouldn’t be reflected in my portfolio, but now they are. That was a welcome feature addition.

Try to be economic and send quote after they are agree with your price.

This is a great feature however, for me, I find it a bit spammy if I receive custom offers without asking for it.

I suggest to first make contact with the potential buyer and ask them if they would like a custom offer first. It’s just manners instead forcing your gig onto someone’s plate.

Its a great feature.

I made and I’m working on various projects through the buyer requests.
This is a service very useful. In a few months I’ve reached the level 2 :slight_smile:

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Great, I’ll use this in my orders

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Sending custom offers without getting asked for one is indeed spam.

Therefore I only send them when I got approached by a buyer.

Personally I give the buyer 1 to 3 days to accept the order. It depends on the amount of orders I have already scheduled for other clients.

Custom Offer is the way to getting more Revenues. insted of lots of talking I always send Custom Offer to my buyers with all the details,.

Happy to see valuable comments on my post :slight_smile: Keep up good work on fiverr!!!

Hi! When I send a custom order and they don’t respond, I will send a message reminding them that I’ve sent one and ask how I can help them to make a decision before withdrawing the offer. They usually respond by either accepting the offer or letting me know why they waited (so I can decide whether to give more time or withdraw the offer) or that they’ve chosen someone else (then I withdraw the offer). The great thing is now I have closure and can move on or get to work! And I never worry either way! Hope this helps!

Exactly! Spammers suck.